Book: Innocent Amusement, Or The Heiroglyphical Fortune Teller
Author: Unknown

Innocent Amusement, Or The Heiroglyphical Fortune Teller By Unknown

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 36
Publication Date: 1882

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This is a curious little book which claims to be written by none other than Napoleon Bonaparte. I'm not too sure about that, so I've stuck it in the Unknown author section. It's a short book that purports to tell your fortune by way of heiroglyphs and set questions. There are 26 questions in all (eg. - Shall I ever be married?, Shall my wish be gratified?), and the gist of it all is that you choose a question, make a note of the number of that question, and then go to the Directory page. The question numbers are down the left hand side. Then you need to pick a 'heiroglyph' number (at the top) and then trace that number down until you meet your question's number and then look up the corresponding 'answer' to your question. I probably didn't explain that very well but there are instructions in the book itself just in case you weren't clear.
I tried it out. I chose question 17 (Shall I be Successful in what I design?), and I chose heiroglyph number 20, which led down to 'J', so I went over to the page headed by 'J'. down to the glyph I chose and got this answer: 'No, because a certain person will prove false to you.'
Hmm. Someone is out to thwart my plans apparently. Good to know.

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