Book: India in Primitive Christianity
Author: Arthur Lillie

India in Primitive Christianity By Arthur Lillie

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Pages (PDF): 270
Publication Date: 1909

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Fully illustrated. The connection between Christianity and Buddhism is unmistakable, both in terms of the traditional narratives of the respective founders, and in their attributed sayings. Arthur Lillie here examines possible historical linkages between the two religions from a critical, rationalist, viewpoint. For some reason, there is what appears to be a missing gap of several paragraphs somewhere in the later pages; a numbered list of astrological signs starts with the number 3. This is how the text was and I have no explanation for this. Chapters include: S'iva; Baal; Buddha; "The Wisdom Of The Other Bank"; King Asoka; The Mahâyâna; Avalokitishwara; The Cave Temple And Its Mysteries; Architecture; The Essenes; The Essene Jesus; More Coincidences; Rites; Paulinism; Transubstantiation; and more.