Book: The Hymns of the Atharva Veda
Author: Maurice Bloomfield

The Hymns of the Atharva Veda By Maurice Bloomfield

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 800
Publication Date: 1897

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Volume XLII of The Sacred Books of The East. This volume contains Hymns of the Atharva-Veda together with extracts from the ritual books and the commentaries including: Charms to cure diseases and possession by demons of disease; Prayers for long life and health; Imprecations against demons, sorcerers and enemies; Charms pertaining to women; Charms pertaining to royalty; Charms to secure harmony, influence in the assembly and the like; Charms to secure prosperity in house, field, cattle, business, gambling and kindred matters; Charms in expiation of sin and defilement; Prayers and imprecations in the interest of the Brahmans; and Comogonic and theosophic hymns.

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