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How I Found the Lost Atlantis, The Source of All Civilization


How I Found the Lost Atlantis, The Source of All Civilization By Paul Schliemann

Format: Global Grey edition

Pages (PDF): 22

Publication Date: 1912

Illustrations: Yes

Available formats: PDF, epub, Kindle ebook

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Book Description:

This was an article that appeared in the ‘New York American’ on October 20th, 1912. The author, Dr. Paul Schliemann, was the grandson of famous archeologist Heinrich Schliemann. He claimed that his grandfather on his deathbed produced a mysterious bequest for any of his heirs willing to devote their life to proving the existence of Atlantis. He claimed that he had spent years following up on this and now was about to produce actual physical evidence of the reality of the fabled lost continent. Alas, after this article was published, there was no follow-up and Schliemann dropped out of sight. So, not really an authentic piece on Atlantis, but good fun to read nonetheless.

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