Book: History of the People of Israel
Author: Carl Heinrich Cornill

History of the People of Israel By Carl Heinrich Cornill

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 339
Publication Date: 1909

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Chapters include; Introductory Observations. Land and People. Race Migrations of the Orient in Ancient Times; Israel prior to the Origin of the National Kingdom; The National Kingdom. Saul and David; Solomon. The Division of the Kingdom. The Early Years of the Divided Kingdoms; To the Destruction of Jerusalem by the Chaldeans; From the return out of the Babylonian Captivity to the Outbreak of the Rebellion of the Maccabees; The Maccabean Rebellion to the Establishment of the Hereditary High Priesthood and Principality under Simon; From Simon the Maccabean to Herod the Great; The House of Herod. Judea as a Roman Province; and, The War in Judea and the Destruction of Jerusalem.