The History of the Conquest of Mexico

The History of the Conquest of Mexico


The History of the Conquest of Mexico By William Hickling Prescott

Format: Global Grey edition

Pages (PDF): 579

Publication Date: 1843

Illustrations: No

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Pages (PDF): 579

Publication Date: 1843

Illustrations: No

About The Book: "It is a magnificent epic," said William H. Prescott after the publication of History of the Conquest of Mexico in 1843. Since then, his sweeping account of Cortés's subjugation of the Aztec people has endured as a landmark work of scholarship and dramatic storytelling. This pioneering study presents a compelling view of the clash of civilizations that reverberates in Latin America to this day.

Chapter List


Chapter 1. Ancient Mexico— Its Climate And Its Products— Its Primitive Races— Aztec Empire

Chapter 2. Succession To The Crown— Aztec Nobility— Judicial System— Laws And Revenues— Military Institutions

Chapter 3. Mexican Mythology— The Sacerdotal Order— The Temples— Human Sacrifices

Chapter 4. Aztec Hieroglyphics— Manuscripts— Arithmetic— Chronology— Astronomy

Chapter 5. Agriculture— The Mechanical Arts— Merchants— Domestic Manners

Chapter 6. The Tezcucans— Their Golden Age— Accomplished Princes— Decline Of Their Monarchy


Chapter 1. [1516–1518] Spain Under Charles V— Progress Of Discovery— Colonial Policy— Conquest Of Cuba— Expeditions To Yucatan

Chapter 2. [1518] Hernando Cortes— His Early Life— Visits The New World— His Residence In Cuba— Difficulties With Velasquez— Armada Intrusted To Cortes

Chapter 3. [1518–1519] Jealousy Of Velasquez— Cortes Embarks— Equipment Of His Fleet— His Person And Character— Rendezvous At Havana— Strength Of His Armament

Chapter 4. [1519] Voyage To Cozumel— Conversion Of The Natives— Jeronimo De Aguilar— Army Arrives At Tabasco— Great Battle With The Indians— Christianity Introduced

Chapter 5. [1519] Voyage Along The Coast— Dona Marina— Spaniards Land In Mexico— Interview With The Aztecs

Chapter 6. [1519] Account Of Montezuma— State Of His Empire— Strange Prognostics— Embassy And Presents— Spanish Encampment

Chapter 7. [1519] Troubles In The Camp— Plan For A Colony— Management Of Cortes— March To Cempoalla— Proceedings With The Natives— Foundation Of Villa Rica De Vera Cruz

Chapter 8. [1519] Another Aztec Embassy— Destruction Of Idols— Despatches Sent To Spain— Conspiracy In The Camp— The Fleet Sunk


Chapter 1. [1519] Proceedings At Cempoalla— The Spaniards Climb The Tableland— Transactions With The Natives— Embassy To Tlascala

Chapter 2. [1519] Republic Of Tlascala— Its Institutions— Its Early History— The Discussions In The Senate— Desperate Battles

Chapter 3. [1519] Decisive Victory— Indian Council— Night Attack— Negotiations With The Enemy— Tlascalan Hero

Chapter 4. [1519] Discontents In The Army— Tlascalan Spies— Peace With The Republic— Embassy From Montezuma

Chapter 5. [1519] Spaniards Enter Tlascala— A Description Of The Capital— Attempted Conversion— Aztec Embassy— Invited To Cholula

Chapter 6. [1519] City Of Cholula— Great Temple— March To Cholula— Reception Accorded The Spaniards— Conspiracy Detected

Chapter 7. [1519] Terrible Massacre— Tranquillity Restored— Reflections On The Massacre— Further Proceedings— Envoys From Montezuma

Chapter 8. [1519] March Resumed— Valley Of Mexico— Impression On The Spaniards— Conduct Of Montezuma— They Descend Into The Valley

Chapter 9. [1519] Environs Of Mexico— Interview With Montezuma— Entrance Into The Capital— Hospitable Reception— Visit To The Emperor


Chapter 1. [1519] Tezcucan Lake— Description Of The Capital— Palaces And Museums— Royal Household— Montezuma’s Way Of Life

Chapter 2. [1519] Market Of Mexico— Great Temple— Interior Sanctuaries— Spanish Quarters

Chapter 3. [1519] Anxiety Of Cortes— Seizure Of Montezuma— His Treatment By The Spaniards— Execution Of His Officers— Montezuma In Irons— Reflections

Chapter 4. [1520] Montezuma’s Deportment— His Life In The Spanish Quarters— Meditated Insurrection— Lord Of Tezcuco Seized— Further Measures Of Cortes

Chapter 5. [1520] Montezuma Swears Allegiance To Spain— Royal Treasures— Their Division— Christian Worship In The Teocalli— Discontents Of The Aztecs

Chapter 6. [1520] Fate Of Cortes’ Emissaries— Proceedings In The Castilian Court— Preparations Of Velasquez— Narvaez Lands In Mexico— Politic Conduct Of Cortes— He Leaves The Capital

Chapter 7. [1520] Cortes Descends From The Tableland— Negotiates With Narvaez— Prepares To Assault Him— Quarters Of Narvaez— Attacked By Night— Narvaez Defeated

Chapter 8. [1520] Discontent Of The Troops— Insurrection In The Capital— Return Of Cortes— General Signs Of Hostility— Massacre By Alvarado— Rising Of The Aztecs


Chapter 1. [1520] Desperate Assault On The Quarters— Fury Of The Mexicans— Sally Of The Spaniards— Montezuma Addresses The People— Dangerously Wounded

Chapter 2. [1520] Storming Of The Great Temple— Spirit Of The Aztecs— Distresses Of The Garrison— Sharp Combats In The City— Death Of Montezuma

Chapter 3. [1520] Council Of War— Spaniards Evacuate The City— Noche Triste, Or “The Melancholy Night” — Terrible Slaughter— Halt For The Night— Amount Of Losses

Chapter 4. [1520] The Spaniards Retreat— Distresses Of The Army— Great Battle Of Otumba

Chapter 5. [1520] Arrival In Tlascala— Friendly Reception— Discontents Of The Army— Jealousy Of The Tlascalans— Embassy From Mexico

Chapter 6. [1520] War With The Surrounding Tribes— Successes Of The Spaniards— Death Of Maxixca— Arrival Of Reinforcements— Return In Triumph To Tlascala

Chapter 7. [1520] Guatemozin, New Emperor Of The Aztecs— Preparations For The March— Military Code— Spaniards Cross The Sierra— Enter Tezcuco— Prince Ixtlilxochitl


Chapter 1. [1521] Arrangements At Tezcuco— Sack Of Iztapalapan— Advantages Of The Spaniards— Wise Policy Of Cortes— Transportation Of The Brigantines

Chapter 2. [1521] Cortes Reconnoitres The Capital— Occupies Tacuba— Skirmishes With The Enemy— Expedition Of Sandoval— Arrival Of Reinforcements

Chapter 3. [1521] Second Reconnoitring Expedition— The Capture Of Cuernavaca— Battles At Xochimilco— Narrow Escape Of Cortes— He Enters Tacuba

Chapter 4. [1521] Conspiracy In The Army— Brigantines Launched— Muster Of Forces— Execution Of Xicotencatl— March Of The Army— Beginning Of The Siege

Chapter 5. [1521] Indian Flotilla Defeated— The Causeways Occupied— Desperate Assaults— Firing Of The Palaces— Spirit Of The Besieged— Barracks For The Troops

Chapter 6. [1521] General Assault On The City— Defeat Of The Spaniards— Their Disastrous Condition— Sacrifice Of The Captives— Defection Of The Allies— Constancy Of The Troops

Chapter 7. [1521] Success Of The Spaniards— Fruitless Offers To Guatemozin— Buildings Razed To The Ground— Terrible Famine— The Troops Gain The Market— Place

Chapter 8. [1521] Dreadful Sufferings Of The Besieged— Spirit Of Guatemozin— Murderous Assault— Capture Of Guatemozin— Termination Of The Siege— Reflections


Chapter 1. [1521–1522] Torture Of Guatemozin— Submission Of The Country— Rebuilding Of The Capital— Mission To Castile— Complaints Against Cortes— He Is Confirmed In His Authority

Chapter 2. [1522–1524] Modern Mexico— Settlement Of The Country— Condition Of The Natives— Christian Missionaries— Cultivation Of The Soil— Voyages And Expeditions

Chapter 3. [1524–1526] Defection Of Olid— Dreadful March To Honduras— Execution Of Guatemozin— Dona Marina— Arrival At Honduras

Chapter 4. [1526–1530] Disturbances In Mexico— Return Of Cortes— Distrust Of The Court— His Return To Spain— Death Of Sandoval— Brilliant Reception Of Cortes— Honours Conferred On Him

Chapter 5. [1530–1547] Cortes Revisits Mexico— Retires To His Estates— His Voyages Of Discovery— Final Return To Castile— Cold Reception— Death Of Cortes— His Character

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