Book: The Hindu-Yogi System Of Practical Water Cure
Author: Yogi Ramacharaka (William Walker Atkinson)

The Hindu-Yogi System Of Practical Water Cure By Yogi Ramacharaka (William Walker Atkinson)

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 59
Publication Date: 1909

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This book is a health classic that covers topics such as water and prana, water as the basis for life, how much water to drink daily, repercussions of consuming too little water, overview of the organs of assimilation and elimination, how to remove toxins from the digestive tract, the importance of internal cleanliness, using the skin as an organ of elimination, how to take cleansing baths, wet pack treatments, sweat pack treatments, hydrotherapy and sexual vitality treatments.

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Among the Yogis of India, the system of Physical Well-Being known as "Hatha Yoga,” in its many phases and forms, is followed, practiced and taught. Thousands of natives of India know no other form of physical culture, or methods of hygiene, and maintain health and physical vigor by an adherence to its precepts. In connection with Mental Healing, this system forms the great Natural Healing school of the Hindus. In our work on "Hatha Yoga,” we have explained that system in general, and in many of its details.

There is one form or phase of "Hatha Yoga,” however, which constitutes an important part of this great system of Natural Healing, which should be understood and practiced by those who would maintain a healthy condition of physical being, and which is worthy of being explained in detail in a supplementary volume—the Hindu-Yogi system of Practical Water-Cure. In response to many demands from those who were interested in our presentation of the general subject of "Hatha Yoga,” we have incorporated in this supplementary book the details of the said system. We trust that we will bring to the attention of many persons of the Western world the benefits to be derived from this most meritorious system.

Water-Cure is not a new thing to the Western world. Many Western teachers have expounded its merits in a most forcible manner, and thousands of people have applied the method with excellent results. It must be confessed that both the Eastern and Western systems of Water-Cure have much in common so far as the actual methods are concerned, although the Hindus explain many of the therapeutic results by the theory of "Prana,” which is unknown to the ordinary Westerner. An understanding of the principle of Prana in its phase of a therapeutic agent in connection with the Water-Cure, will throw much new light upon the entire system of the application of water to the cure of physical disorders.

"Prana,” as our students know, is the great universal principle of energy which permeates all things, and which has one of its manifestations in what is known as "Vital Force” in all living things. Prana is to be found in food, water, and air, in which three forms it may be used by living creatures and transmuted into Vital Energy, or Prana in its form of living force. In our work on "Hatha Yoga” we have shown how Prana may be obtained from food and thus transmuted and converted into vital energy and living force. In our work on "The Science of Breath” we have shown how the Prana in the air may be transmuted and converted into vital energy and living force. And in the present little work, we shall show you how Prana, which is contained in the water, may be transmuted and converted into other forms of energy, which will tend to invigorate and strengthen the human body, relieve physical disorders, and promote health and strength.

Of course, it is not necessary for one to believe in the existence of Prana in order to obtain benefits from the Water-Cure, for the virtue in the water is open and free to all, believer and unbeliever alike. But it is a known fact that when the mind recognizes the presence of Prana in the air; the food; and in the water; then there seems to be manifested a peculiar receptivity to its influence which is lacking to those who are not familiar with its presence. There is a good reason for this, but we shall not attempt to explain it here, for to do so would carry us into the realm of mental cause and effect, which is foreign to the purpose and scope of this little work. We shall, therefore, content ourselves with calling your attention to the presence of Prana, and the effects it produces when properly applied, and then leave the subject for the actual test and practical test of the student.

Prana permeates every drop of water, although in varying degrees. Fresh running water contains a much greater proportion of Prana than stagnant, still water. Likewise water that has been contained in cisterns, tanks, or vessels is found to have parted with much of its original store of Prana. And water that has been boiled has lost much of its Prana. This lost Prana may be restored by passing the water through the air, by pouring it from one vessel to another in order to "aereate” it. Distilled water usually loses much of its Prana, which may, however, be restored to it by pouring it from one vessel to another, through the air, as aforesaid. An understanding of this fact will explain the reason why the ordinary distilled water seems to lose a certain amount of its "life,” which is noticed by those who drink distilled water as a measure of health preservation. Boiled water always seems "flat” unless it be poured through the air and reabsorbs Prana. Western science does not explain these well known facts, but the Hindus understand its cause to be the losing or gaining of Prana.

In using water for drinking, it is always well to pour it from one glass or vessel to another, backward and forward, several times. Those who will practice this plan will discover a new pleasure in drinking water, and will notice a decided improvement in the resulting effects. Water thus "Pranaized” will be found to have a slightly invigorating and stimulating effect absent from ordinary water. Persons who wish to rid themselves of the desire for alcoholic stimulants will find it much easier to do so if they will pranaize their drinking water. The water in the pipes of the ordinary city water-supply is deficient in Prana—this may be overcome by pouring and repouring, as above stated. A little experimenting will convince the most skeptical of the virtues of this plan.

In the same manner, when one wishes to take a hot bath, or to drink hot water; or to apply hot-fomentations, etc.; it will be found advantageous to Pranaize the water in this way before using. In the case of a hot bath, dip up the water from the tub, with a saucepan or similar utensil, a number of times, until you have invigorated it with fresh Prana.