Book: Genji Monogatari
Author: Murasaki Shikibu

Genji Monogatari By Murasaki Shikibu

Format: Global Grey free PDF
Pages (PDF): 221
Publication Date: This translation by Suyematz Kenchio, 1900

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Genji Monogatari, or the Tale of Genji, is a classic work of Japanese fiction from the tenth century. Written by a noblewoman, Lady Murasaki, Genji is a milestone in world literature. It is a gateway into the courtly life of 10th century feudal Japan, during the Heian period. It has been called the first novel, and the writer, Lady Murasaki, is considered a pioneer of women's literature. This was the first English translation of Genji, an abridgement which includes chapters 1 through 17 (out of 54). It is the only one in the public domain in most countries.