Book: A General History of Free-Masonry in Europe
Author: Emmanuel Rebold

A General History of Free-Masonry in Europe By Emmanuel Rebold

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 427
Publication Date: 1869

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Based upon the Ancient documents realting to, and the Monuments erected by this Fraternity from its foundation in the year 715 B.C to the present time. From the Preface: 'Before I make known to the reader the motives which inspired this history of Freemasonry, I beg permission to give here a succint confession of faith. Since the moment when the principles of Freemasonry were shown me, I have made this institution a particular study, with much more fervor than that with which I have studied the religion taught me in my youth; because by the light of reflection and experience, I found the latter crowded with contradictions and puerilities, while the former offered logic and harmony according with the idea of a Divinity imbued with Wisdom, elemency, power, and love.'

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