Book: The Future Life as Described and Portrayed by Spirits
Author: Elizabeth Sweet

The Future Life as Described and Portrayed by Spirits By Elizabeth Sweet

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 412
Publication Date: 1870

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From the Introduction: AT an early period of my investigations into spiritual intercourse, when I was but an inquirer and by no means a believer, I was invited to join a circle which had weekly meetings at the house of Mrs. Fish, the eldest of the Fox family. I accepted the invitation, and met there some five or six persons, male and female, all strangers to me. After a few meetings, Mrs. Fish introduced two new members to the circle, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Sweet, alike strangers to me. They were very quiet and unobtrusive in their manners, and I soon discovered that they were very earnest and honest seekers after the truth. But I had no idea, nor had they, that there was any mediumship about either of them. At that time, my official duties compelled me to be ab sent from the city one month out of every three. On one occasion, when I returned from such an absence, I was informed at the next meeting of our circle, that Mrs. Sweet had begun to be developed as a medium. The fact itself, and the manner in which it was told to me, interested me at once.

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