First set of Blog stuff

First set of Blog stuff

This is just the stuff that was on the old page. The next blog post will be an actual post. Possibly.

21st March 2018

I had a really nice day off yesterday and today felt revitalised enough to start work again – so basically had two days off after a couple of months of working. Seems sensible.

Anyway, two new books went up today, one old book converted into epub/Kindle and this blog thing got sorted out. Also, put social share buttons on the site, and star ratings. I also redid the FAQ page. By the way, no-one has ever asked those questions, so they’re not so much ‘frequently asked questions’, as they are ‘questions I imagine people would ask if they could be bothered.’

20th March 2018

I’m taking a couple of days off work just to have a break. I tend to work for a few months without taking full days off, and every so often, that will catch up with me and I’ll get to the point where I desperately need to just stop for a while. I lose all motivation, my concentration drops and everything seems like a massive chore.

Yesterday I reached that point.

No worries – tomorrow or Thursday latest, I’ll be back and I’m sure by that time I’ll have recovered my motivation to actually do stuff.

16th March 2018

This is my plan for the day:

  • Add some new things to the new pages.
  • Add a couple of new books.
  • Convert a few existing Global Grey PDFs into epubs and Kindle ebooks.

I read a quote this morning that I liked and which struck a chord, so I shall share it with you:

“Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.”

How many times do we put off doing something because the end result won’t solve all problems, or be perfectly aligned to what we wanted, so what’s the point anyway? I know I have done that many times. And I like this saying. It says – if you’re improving things in ANY way; if things will progress even a LITTLE bit, by doing what you want to do – then just do it. Don’t strive for perfection in one fell swoop; take little steps of good, better, not so sucky as yesterday – and even if you never reach perfection; things will still be better than they were.

And that’s my teaching for the day – you’re welcome 🙂

15th March 2018

New pages are up! I wanted to get a few things on them before putting them up, so it took longer than I thought, but finally, they’re done.

Now I’m going to have lunch and then add a couple of new books. I know it’s early for lunch, but I was up super early today because for some reason known only to them, all my 3 cats decided that 3.30am was way too late for me to be sleeping in. Two of them miaowing outside my room like they hadn’t been fed since January. And the third one (who sleeps in my room because he can’t be trusted not to fight with the others at night), biting my bloody elbow.

14th March 2018

Today I am putting up some new stuff; Mysteries, Weirdness, and Conspiracies, Good News and Nice Things and Interesting Stuff and Equally Interesting Facts, as well as this one, obviously.

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while because I am on the Internet all day, and in my travels, I come across a lot of interesting, funny, weird stuff. I think of you guys as my family, and just as sometimes, when you see things, you think – oh I have to tell ‘insert name’ about this – that’s how I feel about the things I see, and you. I have a website at my disposal, and whilst it’s definitely an ebook site, I feel there’s room for a little more information. Just because it’s not contained in the pages of a book, doesn’t mean it’s not worth knowing about.



There are times before when I have added articles, with the hilariously misguided delusion that I could write in-depth masterpieces every couple of days whilst still adding new books, and dealing with all the other site related jobs; basically giving my future self so many things to do, only for future self to turn around in a week and be like, naa, this is too much work.

So I kept this in mind when creating this blog and it’s sub-categories, and believe I have made it almost impossible for me to think, at any point, ‘I can’t be bothered.’ I literally have to stick links in there, or write a few lines. I am pretty sure even I can handle that. Think of them as resource pages.

As a side note, despite my absolute enthusiasm for putting new books up, converting them, etc, on the flip side, as testament to my complete laziness when it comes to writing, I decided to do these pages yesterday and was all excited to do them when I got up at 4.30 this morning. It is now 10 hours later and after procrastinating by doing absolutely ANYTHING apart from what I was supposed to be doing (a seemingly never ending loop of checking emails, checking news, checking Reddit, etc); I had to literally say out loud to myself ‘For God’s sake Aisha – just write something!’

That worked the fourth time I did it.

I used to love writing as well. I don’t know what happened to me. Let’s blame the Internet. It can’t answer back and it probably is the cause for my alarming lack of concentration these days anyway.

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