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Who runs this site?

I do. If you have missed the huge banner at the top of most pages, or if you have seen it, but want to know more – you can read my about page.


Why are all the books on your site old? Do you not have [insert name of book published in the last 10 years] here?

All the books on this site are in the public domain, which means that their copyright has expired. I know lots of sites have copyrighted books on them, but that’s not the way we do things here. I don’t want to get shut down by breaking the law, so only non-copyrighted books will be found here.


I found a book that uses very racist/sexist/homophobic language – what’s that about?

As lovely as it is to live in an era where racist/sexist/homophobic viewpoints are frowned upon greatly; there were times in the not so distant past when that wasn’t the case. Because these are old books, sometimes the views expressed in them seem very unsavoury to our modern ears. I do not condone any of these views. Indeed, there are books that I have done where it actually makes me cringe to read the language they used to discuss certain groups of society. However, when you’re reading a book from the late 19th or early 20th Century, this is, if not to be expected, then at least, is more understandable.


Are there download limits? (And general site etiquette)

Technically, no. The amount I pay for bandwidth allows for a healthy amount of downloads per person. However, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t download hundreds of books in one visit. This site isn’t going anywhere – add it to your bookmarks and come back again. On the other hand, there are a tiny percentage of people who try to download every book on the site. At this point, I know it’s not a case of them loving books, and more a case of ‘let me get everything I can’, and if I catch someone doing that, I will probably place a temporary block on them. Simply because it’s bad manners – this is a free site and when you have free sites that allow downloads, that kind of relies on either everyone playing fair or me having to keep upgrading my hosting package so the site doesn’t slow/shut down.

Please do consider donating a little something; especially if you are downloading a lot of books.


Why do you need donations?

To pay for web hosting, bandwidth, domain name renewals, security updates, and other software connected to running the site. In addition, if there’s ever a time when I have a surplus of donations (it hasn’t happened yet), then I would like to put more money into additional features to make the site better.

What is the difference between the scanned PDFs and Global Grey editions?

Scanned PDFs are fascimiles of books. They haven’t been altered by me in any way, and I’ve done no work on them apart from tidying them up and getting rid of blank pages at the front of the books. You can’t search for words in a lot of them either because sometimes the pages are images. This also means that in those books, you can’t copy text. Global Grey editions, on the other hand, have been formatted by myself. Working from an original document, I run it through OCR (Optical Character Recogniton) software, copy all the subsequent text into a Word doc (at this point, it still looks terrible, albeit a lot easier to work with), split it into chapters, add table of contents, a cover page, nice chapter headings and sub-headings, check for spelling errors, include footnotes and illustrations (if applicable), and generally make it a lot more readable and lovely looking. I then convert that to a PDF and edit the PDF to include bookmarks, page numbers, etc. I then go back and use the Word doc to create the epub and Kindle foramts. As you can imagine, this takes time. The longest book I did took me around 16 hours, but even the simplest of texts takes around 2 hours.


Didn’t you used to have epubs and Kindle ebooks too? What happened to them?

NB: You can now request for a book to be converted into either epub or Kindle, by going here

I did. I decided to focus entirely on PDFs.

And then I decided to add the epubs and Kindle ebooks back, but realised that I had accidentally deleted the folder. So I’m currently working my way through doing them again. This will take time and if you do have a request, please see above.


How do I read the pdfs?

Most pcs have Adobe Reader already installed on them. If for some strange reason, yours doesn’t, you can download it for free here.


Have a question that is not answered here? Email me at info@globalgreyebooks.com, or use the contact form below:

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