Book: The Excavation of Gezer, Volume 1
Author: R. A. S. Macalister

The Excavation of Gezer, Volume 1 By R. A. S. Macalister

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 431
Publication Date: 1912

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Vol 1 of 3 Volumes. With numerous illustrations. From the Preface: 'In what form the results of The Excavation of Gezer, Volume 1 should be finally presented is a question that has cost me much careful thought. Two alternatives offered themselves, between which it was difficult to choose. My preference at first was to follow the natural division of the remains into epochs and culture levels, and to give a bird's-eye view of the city's life, so far as excavation could reveal it, at each successive stage of the city's history. Indeed, I made some progress with the writing of the Memoir on such a plan; but I found before long that it was not free from serious inconvenience.'

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