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Ebooks in this collection

£1,000,000 Bank Note and Other New Stories, The - Mark Twain

100%: The Story of a Patriot - Upton Sinclair

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - Jules Verne

$30,000 Bequest and Other Stories, The - Mark Twain

813 - Maurice Leblanc

Aaron's Rod - D. H. Lawrence

Abbe Mouret's Transgression - Émile Zola

Above the Dark Circus - Hugh Walpole

Across the Years - Eleanor H. Porter

Actions and Reactions - Rudyard Kipling

Adam Bede - George Eliot

Adventure - Jack London

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The - Mark Twain

Adventures of Roderick Random, The - Tobias Smollett

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The - Arthur Conan Doyle

Adventures of Three Englishmen and Three Russians in Southern Africa, The - Jules Verne

Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The - Mark Twain

After Dark - Wilkie Collins

Again Sanders - Edgar Wallace

Again the Three Just Men - Edgar Wallace

Against the Grain - Joris-Karl Huysmans

Age of Innocence, The - Edith Wharton

Agnes Grey - Anne Bronte

Alexander's Bridge - Willa Cather

Alice Adams - Booth Tarkington

Alice, The Mysteries - Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Allan and the Holy Flower - H. Rider Haggard

Allan and the Ice Gods - H. Rider Haggard

Allan Quatermain - H. Rider Haggard

Allan's Wife and Other Tales - H. Rider Haggard

All around the Moon - Jules Verne

All Souls' Night, A Book of Stories - Hugh Walpole

All the Sad Young Men - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Almayer's Folly - Joseph Conrad

Ambassadors, The - Henry James

American Claimant, The - Mark Twain

Animal Farm - George Orwell

Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy

Anna of the Five Towns - Arnold Bennett

Ann Veronica - H. G. Wells

Ann Vickers - Sinclair Lewis

Antarctic Mystery, An - Jules Verne

Apache Devil - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Arcot, Morey, and Wade Trilogy, The - John Wood Campbell

Armadale - Wilkie Collins

Armageddon 2419 A.D. - Philip Francis Nowlan

Around the World in 80 Days - Jules Verne

Arsene Lupin - Maurice Leblanc and Edgar Jepson

Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Burglar - Maurice Leblanc

Arsène Lupin versus Herlock Sholmes - Maurice Leblanc

Atlantic Narratives: Modern Short Stories - Various

Atlantida - Pierre Benoit

At the Earth's Core - Edgar Rice Burroughs

At the Mountains of Madness - H. P. Lovecraft

Awakening and Selected Short Stories, The - Kate Chopin

Babbitt - Sinclair Lewis

Back to the Stone Age - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Barchester Towers - Anthony Trollope

Barnaby Rudge - Charles Dickens

Baron Trump Novels, and The Last President, The - Ingersoll Lockwood

Battle of Life, The - Charles Dickens

Battle of the Books and other Short Pieces, The - Jonathan Swift

Bealby - H. G. Wells

Beast in the Cave, The - H. P. Lovecraft

Beasts of Tarzan, The - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Beautiful and Damned, The - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Beetle, The - Richard Marsh

Before Adam - Jack London

Bel-Ami - Guy De Maupassant

Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ - Lew Wallace

Benita, An African Romance - H. Rider Haggard

Beric the Briton: A Story of the Roman Invasion - G. A. Henty

Best Psychic Stories, The - Various

Best Russian Short Stories - Various Authors

Between the Acts - Virginia Woolf

Beyond the Black River - Robert E. Howard

Bid for Fortune, A - Guy Boothby

Big Time, The - Fritz Leiber

Bishop and Other Stories, The - Anton Chekhov

Black Arrow, The - Robert Louis Stevenson

Black Sheep, The - Honore de Balzac

Black Tulip, The - Alexandre Dumas

Blazing World, The - Margaret Cavendish

Bleak House - Charles Dickens

Blithedale Romance, The - Nathaniel Hawthorne

Boats of the Glen Carrig, The - William Hope Hodgson

Book of Snobs, The - William Makepeace Thackeray

Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, The, Volume 1 - Richard Francis Burton

Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, The, Volume 2 - Richard Francis Burton

Book of Wonder, The - Lord Dunsany

Boon - H. G. Wells

Bostonians, The - Henry James

Boyhood - Leo Tolstoy

Bride of the Plains, A - Baroness Orczy

Broken Wings, The - Kahlil Gibran

Brotherhood of Consolation, The - Honore de Balzac

Brother Jacob - George Eliot

Brothers Karamazov, The - Fyodor Dostoevsky

Burmese Days - George Orwell

Burning Daylight - Jack London

Burn, Witch, Burn! - Abraham Merritt

Caesar's Column - Ignatius Donnelly

Caleb Williams - William Godwin

Call of Cthulhu, The - H. P. Lovecraft

Call of the Wild, The - Jack London

Candide - Voltaire

Cane - Jean Toomer

Can Such Things Be? - Ambrose Bierce

Canterville Ghost, The - Oscar Wilde

Can You Forgive Her? - Anthony Trollope

Captain Blood - Rafael Sabatini

Captain Singleton - Daniel Defoe

Captive, The - Marcel Proust

Carmilla - Sheridan Le Fanu

Carnacki, The Ghost Finder - William Hope Hodgson

Carson of Venus - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, The - Arthur Conan Doyle

Case of Charles Dexter Ward, The - H. P. Lovecraft

Castaways of the Flag, The - Jules Verne

Castle of Otranto, The - Horace Walpole

Castle Rackrent - Maria Edgeworth

Castle Richmond - Anthony Trollope

Cavalier, The - George Washington Cable

Caxtons, The - Edward Bulwer-Lytton

César Cascabel - Jules Verne

Change of Air, A - Anthony Hope

Charlotte Temple - Susanna Rowson

Charterhouse of Parma, The - Stendhal

Chessmen of Mars, The - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Chicot the Jester - Alexandre Dumas

Child Christopher and Goldilind the Fair - William Morris

Childhood - Leo Tolstoy

Child of Pleasure, The - Gabriele D'Annunzio

Child of Storm - H. Rider Haggard

Child of the Cavern, The - Jules Verne

Chimes, The - Charles Dickens

Chorus Girl and Other Stories, The - Anton Chekhov

Christian, The - Hall Caine

Christmas Books of Mr. M. A. Titmarsh, The - William Makepeace Thackeray

Christmas Carol, A - Charles Dickens

Christmas Stories - Charles Dickens

Cities of the Plain - Marcel Proust

Clarissa, Or, The History of a Young Lady - Samuel Richardson

Cleopatra - H. Rider Haggard

Clergyman's Daughter, A - George Orwell

Clique of Gold, The - Émile Gaboriau

Club of Queer Trades, The - G. K. Chesterton

Clue of the Twisted Candle, The - Edgar Wallace

Cobwebs from an Empty Skull - Ambrose Bierce

Color Out of Space, The - H. P. Lovecraft

Coming of Cassidy and the Others, The - Clarence E. Mulford

Confessions of Arsène Lupin, The - Maurice Leblanc

Coningsby - Benjamin Disraeli

Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, A - Mark Twain

Cook's Wedding and Other Stories, The - Anton Chekhov

Countess of Charny, The - Alexandre Dumas

Count of Monte Cristo, The - Alexandre Dumas

Count's Millions, The - Émile Gaboriau

Cousin Bette - Honore de Balzac

Cousin Henry - Anthony Trollope

Cranford - Elizabeth Gaskell

Crayon Papers, The - Washington Irving

Creep, Shadow! - Abraham Merritt

Cricket on the Hearth, The - Charles Dickens

Crime and Punishment - Fyodor Dostoevsky

Croquet Player, The - H. G. Wells

Crystal Stopper, The - Maurice Leblanc

Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Curious, if True - Elizabeth Gaskell

Dagon - H. P. Lovecraft

Dangerous Liaisons - Pierre Choderlos De Laclos

Daniel Deronda - George Eliot

Dark Other, The - Stanley G. Weinbaum

Darling and Other Stories, The - Anton Chekhov

Daughter of the Snows, A - Jack London

David Copperfield - Charles Dickens

David Harum - Edward Noyes Westcott

Day's Work, The - Rudyard Kipling

Dead Souls - Nikolai Gogol

Dealings of Captain Sharkey and Other Tales of Pirates, The - Arthur Conan Doyle

Deal in Wheat and Other Stories, A - Frank Norris

Death Comes for the Archbishop - Willa Cather

Death Mask: and Other Ghosts, The - H. D. Everett

Death of Ivan Ilych, The - Leo Tolstoy

Decameron, The - Giovanni Boccaccio

Deerslayer, The - James Fenimore Cooper

Deluge, The - Henryk Sienkiewicz

Democracy, An American Novel - Henry Adams

Desperate Remedies - Thomas Hardy

Devil Man, The - Edgar Wallace

Devil's Dictionary, The - Ambrose Bierce

Devil Stories - Various

Diary of a Nobody, The - George Grossmith and Weedon Grossmith

Dick Sand, A Captain at Fifteen - Jules Verne

Disintegration Machine, The - Arthur Conan Doyle

Doctor Thorne - Anthony Trollope

Doctor Wortle's School - Anthony Trollope

Dombey and Son - Charles Dickens

Don Quixote - Miguel de Cervantes

Door in the Wall and Other Stories, The - H. G. Wells

Double, The - Fyodor Dostoevsky

Dracula - Bram Stoker

Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories - Bram Stoker

Drama in Muslin, A - George Moore

Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, The - H. P. Lovecraft

Dubliners - James Joyce

Duel, The - Aleksandr Kuprin

Duel and Other Stories, The - Anton Chekhov

Duke's Children, The - Anthony Trollope

Dunwich Horror, The - H. P. Lovecraft

East Lynne - Ellen Wood

Efficiency Expert, The - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Egoist, The - George Meredith

Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon - Jules Verne

Eight Strokes of the Clock, The - Maurice Leblanc

Emma - Jane Austen

England, My England and Other Stories - D. H. Lawrence

Erewhon, Or Over The Range - Samuel Butler

Escape on Venus - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Ethan Frome - Edith Wharton

Etidorhpa - John Uri Lloyd

Eugenie Grandet - Honore de Balzac

Europeans, The - Henry James

Eustace Diamonds, The - Anthony Trollope

Evil Genius, The - Wilkie Collins

Expedition of Humphry Clinker, The - Tobias Smollett

Exploits of Brigadier Gerard, The - Arthur Conan Doyle

Face and the Mask, The - Robert Barr

Face in the Abyss - Abraham Merritt

Famous Modern Ghost Stories - Various

Far from the Madding Crowd - Thomas Hardy

Fat and the Thin, The - Émile Zola

Father Goriot - Honore de Balzac

Fathers and Children - Ivan Turgenev

Female Quixote, The - Charlotte Lennox

Fifth Queen Trilogy, The - Ford Madox Ford

Fighting Man of Mars, A - Edgar Rice Burroughs

File No. 113 - Émile Gaboriau

Finnegans Wake - James Joyce

First Men In The Moon, The - H. G. Wells

Five Weeks In A Balloon - Jules Verne

Flappers and Philosophers - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Flatland - Edwin A. Abbott

Floating City and The Blockade Runners, A - Jules Verne

Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth, The - H. G. Wells

Forerunner, The - Kahlil Gibran

Forsyte Saga, The - John Galsworthy

Fortune of the Rougons, The - Émile Zola

Forty Five Guardsmen, The - Alexandre Dumas

Four-Day Planet - H. Beam Piper

Four Million, The - O. Henry

Framley Parsonage - Anthony Trollope

Frankenstein - Mary Shelley

From the Earth to the Moon - Jules Verne

Frontier, The - Maurice Leblanc

Fur Country, The - Jules Verne

Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, The - Daniel Defoe

Gadfly, The - Ethel Voynich

Gambler, The - Fyodor Dostoevsky

Gargantua and Pantagruel - Francois Rabelais

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - Anita Loos

Germinal - Émile Zola

Ghost Kings, The - H. Rider Haggard

Ghost Pirates, The - William Hope Hodgson

Ghost Stories of an Antiquary - Montague Rhodes James

Gladiator - Philip Wylie

Godfrey Morgan: A Californian Mystery - Jules Verne

Gods of Mars, The - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Gods of Pegana, The - Lord Dunsany

Golden Bowl, The - Henry James

Golden Triangle, The - Maurice Leblanc

Gone with the Wind - Margaret Mitchell

Good Soldier, The - Ford Madox Ford

Great Expectations - Charles Dickens

Great Gatsby, The - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Great God Pan, The - Arthur Machen

Greenmantle - John Buchan

Green Ray, The - Jules Verne

Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily, The - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Greyfriars Bobby - Eleanor Atkinson

Guermantes Way, The - Marcel Proust

Gulliver of Mars - Edwin L. Arnold

Gulliver's Travels - Jonathan Swift

Hand of Ethelberta, The - Thomas Hardy

Hard Times - Charles Dickens

Haunted and the Haunters, The - Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Haunted Baronet, The - Sheridan Le Fanu

Haunted Bookshop, The - Christopher Morley

Haunted Hotel: A Mystery of Modern Venice, The - Wilkie Collins

Haunted House and Other Short Stories, A - Virginia Woolf

Haunted House, The - Charles Dickens

Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain, The - Charles Dickens

Haunter of the Dark, The - H. P. Lovecraft

Headless Horseman, The - Mayne Reid

Headlong Hall - Thomas Love Peacock

Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad

Heart of Happy Hollow, The - Paul Laurence Dunbar

Heart of Mid-Lothian, The - Walter Scott

Herland - Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Hester - Margaret Oliphant

Heu-Heu - H. Rider Haggard

His Family - Ernest Poole

His Last Bow - Arthur Conan Doyle

His Masterpiece - Émile Zola

History of Mr. Polly, The - H. G. Wells

History of Tom Jones, A Foundling, The - Henry Fielding

Hollow Land, The - William Morris

Hollow Needle, The - Maurice Leblanc

Holy Terrors - Arthur Machen

Holy War, The - John Bunyan

Home and the World, The - Rabindranath Tagore

Horse-Stealers and Other Stories, The - Anton Chekhov

Hound of the Baskervilles, The - Arthur Conan Doyle

House by the Church-Yard, The - Sheridan Le Fanu

House of a Thousand Candles, The - Meredith Nicholson

House of Gentlefolk, A - Ivan Turgenev

House of Mirth, The - Edith Wharton

House of the Dead, The - Fyodor Dostoevsky

House of the Four Winds, The - John Buchan

House of the Seven Gables, The - Nathaniel Hawthorne

House of the Whispering Pines, The - Anna Katharine Green

House of the Wolfings, The - William Morris

House on the Borderland, The - William Hope Hodgson

Huntingtower - John Buchan

Idiot, The - Fyodor Dostoevsky

In a Glass Darkly - Sheridan Le Fanu

Incredulity of Father Brown, The - G. K. Chesterton

Inferno, The - August Strindberg

Innocence of Father Brown, The - G. K. Chesterton

Inquisitor, The - Hugh Walpole

In Search of the Castaways - Jules Verne

In the Days of the Comet - H. G. Wells

In the Penal Colony - Franz Kafka

In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower - Marcel Proust

Invisible Man, The - H. G. Wells

Iron Heel, The - Jack London

Island Nights' Entertainments - Robert Louis Stevenson

Island of Dr. Moreau, The - H. G. Wells

Island of Sheep, The - John Buchan

Ivanhoe, A Romance - Walter Scott

Jacob's Room - Virginia Woolf

Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte

Jewel of Seven Stars, The - Bram Stoker

Jewels of Aptor, The - Samuel R. Delany

John Carter of Mars - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Journal of the Plague Year, A - Daniel Defoe

Journey to the Center of the Earth, A - Jules Verne

Jude the Obscure - Thomas Hardy

Jungle, The - Upton Sinclair

Jungle Tales of Tarzan - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Kai Lung's Golden Hours - Ernest Bramah

Kangaroo - D. H. Lawrence

Kellys and the O'Kellys, The - Anthony Trollope

Khaled, A Tale of Arabia - F. Marion Crawford

Kidnapped - Robert Louis Stevenson

Kim - Rudyard Kipling

King in Yellow, The - Robert W. Chambers

King of the Mountains, The - Edmond About

King Solomon's Mines - H. Rider Haggard

Kipps - H. G. Wells

Knights of the Cross, The - Henryk Sienkiewicz

Kreutzer Sonata, The - Leo Tolstoy

Là-bas - Joris-Karl Huysmans

Lady Audley's Secret - Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Lady Chatterley's Lover - D. H. Lawrence

Lady of Quality, A - Frances Hodgson Burnett

Lady of the Barge, The - W. W. Jacobs

Lady of the Shroud, The - Bram Stoker

Lady Susan - Jane Austen

Lady with the Dog and Other Stories, The - Anton Chekhov

Lair of the White Worm, The - Bram Stoker

Land of Mist, The - Arthur Conan Doyle

Land of Terror - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Land that Time Forgot, The - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Laodicean, A - Thomas Hardy

Last and First Men - Olaf Stapledon

Last Chronicle of Barset, The - Anthony Trollope

Last Days of Pompeii, The - Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Last Galley, The - Arthur Conan Doyle

Last Man, The - Mary Shelley

Last of the Mohicans, The - James Fenimore Cooper

Last Post - Ford Madox Ford

Leatherface, A Tale of Old Flanders - Baroness Orczy

Le Colonel Chabert - Honore de Balzac

Legend of Montrose, A - Walter Scott

Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The - Washington Irving

Lerouge Case, The - Émile Gaboriau

Les Miserables - Victor Hugo

Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit, The - Charles Dickens

Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, The - Laurence Sterne

Life of Lazarillo de Tormes, The - Anonymous

Lifted Veil, The - George Eliot

Lilith - George MacDonald

Literary Lapses - Stephen Leacock

Little Demon, The - Fyodor Sologub

Little Dorrit - Charles Dickens

Llana of Gathol - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Lodge in the Wilderness, A - John Buchan

Looking Backward - Edward Bellamy

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime, and Other Stories - Oscar Wilde

Lord Jim - Joseph Conrad

Lord of the World - Robert Hugh Benson

Lorna Doone, A Romance of Exmoor - R. D. Blackmore

Lost Continent, The - Cutcliffe Hyne

Lost Face - Jack London

Lost Lady, A - Willa Cather

Lost on Venus - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Lost Stradivarius, The - J. Meade Falkner

Lost World, The - Arthur Conan Doyle

Louise De La Valliere - Alexandre Dumas

Love and Freindship and other Early Works - Jane Austen

Love and Mr Lewisham - H. G. Wells

Love and Other Stories - Anton Chekhov

Luck of Barry Lyndon, The - William Makepeace Thackeray

Madame Bovary - Gustave Flaubert

Madame de Treymes - Edith Wharton

Madman, The - Kahlil Gibran

Magic Skin, The - Honore de Balzac

Magnificent Ambersons, The - Booth Tarkington

Main Street - Sinclair Lewis

Maiwa’s Revenge - H. Rider Haggard

Man, The - Bram Stoker

Man Could Stand Up, A - Ford Madox Ford

Man in the Iron Mask, The - Alexandre Dumas

Mansfield Park - Jane Austen

Man's Woman, A - Frank Norris

Man Who Knew Too Much, The - G. K. Chesterton

Man Who Laughs, The - Victor Hugo

Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare, The - G. K. Chesterton

Man Who Would Be King, The - Rudyard Kipling

Marie - H. Rider Haggard

Marie, A Story of Russian Love - Aleksandr Pushkin

Marius the Epicurean - Walter Pater

Mark of Zorro, The - Johnston McCulley

Marriage - H. G. Wells

Marriage - Susan Ferrier

Marriage Contract, The - Honore de Balzac

Martian Odyssey, A - Stanley G. Weinbaum

Martin Eden - Jack London

Mary Barton, A Tale of Manchester Life - Elizabeth Gaskell

Master and Man - Leo Tolstoy

Master Mind of Mars, The - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Master of Ballantrae, The - Robert Louis Stevenson

Master of the World, The - Jules Verne

Mayor of Casterbridge, The - Thomas Hardy

McTeague: A Story of San Francisco - Frank Norris

Mélamare Mystery, The - Maurice Leblanc

Melmoth the Wanderer - Charles Robert Maturin

Memoirs of a Physician, The - Alexandre Dumas

Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, The - Arthur Conan Doyle

Men Like Gods - H. G. Wells

Metal Monster, The - Abraham Merritt

Metamorphosis, The - Franz Kafka

Metropolis, The - Upton Sinclair

Michael Strogoff Or, The Courier of the Czar - Jules Verne

Micromegas, Philosophical History - Voltaire

Middlemarch - George Eliot

Mill on the Floss, The - George Eliot

Misadventures of John Nicholson, The - Robert Louis Stevenson

Miss Marjoribanks - Margaret Oliphant

Moby Dick - Herman Melville

Modern Comedy, A - John Galsworthy

Modern Utopia, A - H. G. Wells

Moll Flanders - Daniel Defoe

Monday or Tuesday - Virginia Woolf

Monk: A Romance, The - Matthew Lewis

Monkey's Paw, The - W. W. Jacobs

Monk of Fife, A - Andrew Lang

Monsieur Lecoq - Émile Gaboriau

Moon Pool, The - Abraham Merritt

Moonstone, The - Wilkie Collins

Moorland Cottage, The - Elizabeth Gaskell

Mosses from an Old Manse - Nathaniel Hawthorne

Most Dangerous Game, The - Richard Connell

Mr. Britling Sees It Through - H. G. Wells

Mr. Standfast - John Buchan

Mrs. Dalloway - Virginia Woolf

Mudfog Papers, The - Charles Dickens

Mummy and Miss Nitocris, The - George Griffith

Mummy! A Tale of the Twenty-Second Century, The - Jane Webb-Loudon

Murder in the Gunroom - H. Beam Piper

My Antonia - Willa Cather

My Brilliant Career - Miles Franklin

Mysteries of Udolpho, The - Ann Radcliffe

Mysterious Island, The - Jules Verne

Mysterious Key and What it Opened, The - Louisa May Alcott

Mystery of a Hansom Cab, The - Fergus Hume

Mystery of Edwin Drood, The - Charles Dickens

Mystery of Orcival, The - Émile Gaboriau

Mystery on the Snow, The - Lester Dent

Mystery of the Yellow Room, The - Gaston Leroux

Nada the Lily - H. Rider Haggard

Napoleon of Notting Hill, The - G. K. Chesterton

Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, The - Edgar Allan Poe

New Atlantis - Francis Bacon

New Grub Street - George Gissing

New Machiavelli, The - H. G. Wells

News from Nowhere - William Morris

Nicholas Nickleby - Charles Dickens

Niels Klim's Underground Travels - Ludvig Holberg

Night and Day - Virginia Woolf

Night Land, The - William Hope Hodgson

Nightmare Abbey - Thomas Love Peacock

Night of the Long Knives, The - Fritz Leiber

Nineteen Eighty-Four - George Orwell

No More Parades - Ford Madox Ford

No Name - Wilkie Collins

North and South - Elizabeth Gaskell

Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen

Nostromo: A Tale of the Seaboard - Joseph Conrad

Notes from the Underground - Fyodor Dostoevsky

Notre-Dame de Paris - Victor Hugo

Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, An - Ambrose Bierce

Off On a Comet - Jules Verne

Oil! - Upton Sinclair

Old Curiosity Shop, The - Charles Dickens

Old English Baron, The - Clara Reeve

Old Wives' Tale, The - Arnold Bennett

Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens

Omnibus Collection, The - Andre Norton

Omnibus Collection, The - Harry Harrison

One of Ours - Willa Cather

O Pioneers! - Willa Cather

Orlando, A Biography - Virginia Woolf

Oroonoko: or, the Royal Slave - Aphra Behn

Other People's Money - Émile Gaboriau

Our Mutual Friend - Charles Dickens

Outcast of the Islands, An - Joseph Conrad

Outcry, The - Henry James

Out of Time's Abyss - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Pablo de Segovia, the Spanish Sharper - Francisco de Quevedo

Pagan Passions - Randall Garrett

Pagan's Cup, The - Fergus Hume

Pair of Blue Eyes, A - Thomas Hardy

Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded - Samuel Richardson

Pan Michael - Henryk Sienkiewicz

Parasite, The - Arthur Conan Doyle

Party and Other Stories, The - Anton Chekhov

Passionate Friends: A Novel, The - H. G. Wells

Pellucidar - Edgar Rice Burroughs

People that Time Forgot, The - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Perpetual Curate, The - Margaret Oliphant

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc - Mark Twain

Persuasion - Jane Austen

Phantastes - George MacDonald

Phantom of the Opera, The - Gaston Leroux

Phantom 'Rickshaw and other Eerie Tales, The - Rudyard Kipling

Phineas Finn - Anthony Trollope

Phineas Redux - Anthony Trollope

Piazza Tales, The - Herman Melville

Pickwick Papers, The - Charles Dickens

Picture of Dorian Gray, The - Oscar Wilde

Pirates of Venus - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Pit, The - Aleksandr Kuprin

Plain Tales from the Hills - Rudyard Kipling

Plumed Serpent, The - D. H. Lawrence

Poison Belt, The - Arthur Conan Doyle

Political Romance, A - Laurence Sterne

Poor Folk - Fyodor Dostoevsky

Portrait of a Lady, The - Henry James

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, A - James Joyce

Possessed, The - Fyodor Dostoevsky

Prayer for my Son, A - Hugh Walpole

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen

Prime Minister, The - Anthony Trollope

Prince Otto, a Romance - Robert Louis Stevenson

Princess of Mars, A - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Prisoner of Zenda, The - Anthony Hope

Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner, The - James Hogg

Professor, The - Charlotte Bronte

Prussian Officer and Other Stories - D. H. Lawrence

Purcell Papers, The - Sheridan Le Fanu

Purple Cloud - M. P. Shiel

Queen's Necklace, The - Alexandre Dumas

Quest of the Silver Fleece, The - William Edward Burghardt Du Bois

Quo Vadis - Henryk Sienkiewicz

Rainbow, The - D. H. Lawrence

Rasselas - Samuel Johnson

Red and the Black, The - Stendhal

Red Badge of Courage, The - Stephen Crane

Red Room, The - August Strindberg

Rescue, A Romance of the Shallows, The - Joseph Conrad

Research Magnificent, The - H. G. Wells

Return of Sherlock Holmes, The - Arthur Conan Doyle

Return of Tarzan, The - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Return of the Native - Thomas Hardy

Riddle of the Sands, The - Erskine Childers

River of Life, and Other Stories, The - Aleksandr Kuprin

Robinson Crusoe - Daniel Defoe

Rob Roy - Walter Scott

Robur the Conqueror - Jules Verne

Romance of Two Worlds, A - Marie Corelli

Romola - George Eliot

Rookwood - William Harrison Ainsworth

Roots of the Mountains, The - William Morris

Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress - Daniel Defoe

Ruth - Elizabeth Gaskell

Sacred Fount, The - Henry James

Sad Fortunes of the Reverend Amos Barton, The - George Eliot

Salammbô - Gustave Flaubert

Sartor Resartus - Thomas Carlyle

Savage Pellucidar - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Scandal of Father Brown, The - G. K. Chesterton

Scarlet Letter, The - Nathaniel Hawthorne

Scarlet Pimpernel, The - Baroness Orczy

Scarlet Plague, The - Jack London

Scenes of Clerical Life - George Eliot

Schoolmaster and Other Stories, The - Anton Chekhov

Schoolmistress and Other Stories, The - Anton Chekhov

Scottish Chiefs, The - Jane Porter

Sea Lady, The - H. G. Wells

Sea-Wolf, The - Jack London

Secret Agent, The - Joseph Conrad

Secret of Father Brown, The - G. K. Chesterton

Secret of Sarek, The - Maurice Leblanc

Secret Rose, The - William Butler Yeats

Secret Sharer, The - Joseph Conrad

Secrets of Dr. John Taverner, The - Dion Fortune

Secret Tomb, The - Maurice Leblanc

Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen

Sentimental Education Vol 1 - Gustave Flaubert

Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy, A - Laurence Sterne

Set of Six, A - Joseph Conrad

Shadow-Line, The - Joseph Conrad

Shadow Out of Time, The - H. P. Lovecraft

Shadow Over Innsmouth, The - H. P. Lovecraft

Shaving of Shagpat, The - George Meredith

She - H. Rider Haggard

She and Allan - H. Rider Haggard

Ship of Ishtar, The - Abraham Merritt

Shirley - Charlotte Bronte

Short Stories - Arthur Machen

Short Stories - C. M. Kornbluth

Short Stories - Frederik Pohl

Short Stories - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Short Stories - Guy De Maupassant

Short Stories, Volume 1 - Henry James

Short Stories, Volume 2 - Henry James

Short Stories, Volume 3 - Henry James

Short Stories - Herman Melville

Short Stories - Philip K. Dick

Short Stories - Stacy Aumonier

Short Stories - Stanley G. Weinbaum

Short Stories - Vsevolod Garshin

Siddhartha - Herman Hesse

Sign of the Four, The - Arthur Conan Doyle

Silas Marner - George Eliot

Sister Carrie - Theodore Dreiser

Sketches - Boz - Charles Dickens

Slaves of Paris, The - Émile Gaboriau

Slav Soul, and Other Stories, A - Aleksandr Kuprin

Sleeper Awakes, The - H. G. Wells

Small House at Allington, The - Anthony Trollope

Smile of Fortune, A - Joseph Conrad

Smoky God, The - Willis George Emerson

Social Cancer - José Rizal

Soldiers Three - Rudyard Kipling

Some Do Not... - Ford Madox Ford

Song of the Lark - Willa Cather

Son of Tarzan, The - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Sons and Lovers - D. H. Lawrence

Sorrows of Young Werther, The - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Space Viking - H. Beam Piper

Spirits Rebellious - Kahlil Gibran

Spoils of Poynton, The - Henry James

Sport of the Gods, The - Paul Laurence Dunbar

Storming the Bastille - Alexandre Dumas

Story of Gösta Berling, The - Selma Lagerlöf

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Robert Louis Stevenson

Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder, A - James De Mille

Strong as Death - Guy De Maupassant

Study in Scarlet, A - Arthur Conan Doyle

Sulamith: A Romance of Antiquity - Aleksandr Kuprin

Summer - Edith Wharton

Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town - Stephen Leacock

Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen, The - Rudolph Erich Raspe

Survivors of the Chancellor, The - Jules Verne

Swann's Way - Marcel Proust

Sweet Cheat Gone, The - Marcel Proust

Swords of Mars - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Sybil - Benjamin Disraeli

Sylvia's Lovers - Elizabeth Gaskell

Symzonia; Voyage of Discovery - Adam Seaborn

Synthetic Men of Mars - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tale of a Tub, A - Jonathan Swift

Tale of Three Lions, A - H. Rider Haggard

Tale of Two Cities, A - Charles Dickens

Tales of Men and Ghosts - Edith Wharton

Tales of Terror and Mystery - Arthur Conan Doyle

Tales of the Jazz Age - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Tales of Unrest - Joseph Conrad

Talisman, The - Walter Scott

Tanar of Pellucidar - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan and the Ant-Men - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan and the Castaways - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan and the City of Gold - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan and the Forbidden City - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan and the Foreign Legion - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan and the Golden Lion - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan and the Leopard Men - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan and the Lion Man - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan and the Lost Empire - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan and the Madman - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins with Jad-bal-ja the Golden Lion - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan at the Earth's Core - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan of the Apes - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan's Quest - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan the Invincible - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan the Magnificent - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan the Terrible - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan the Untamed - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan Triumphant - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan Twins, The - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Teeth of the Tiger, The - Maurice Leblanc

Temptation of Saint Anthony, The - Gustave Flaubert

Tenant of Wildfell Hall, The - Anne Bronte

Tender is the Night - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ten Years Later - Alexandre Dumas

Tess of the d’Urbervilles - Thomas Hardy

Therese Raquin - Émile Zola

Thief in the Night, A - E. W. Hornung

Thirty-Nine Steps, The - John Buchan

This Side of Paradise - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Those Extraordinary Twins - Mark Twain

Three Eyes, The - Maurice Leblanc

Three Ghost Stories - Charles Dickens

Three Hostages, The - John Buchan

Three Men in a Boat - Jerome K. Jerome

Three Musketeers, The - Alexandre Dumas

Three Short Works - Gustave Flaubert

Through Russia - Maksim Gorky

Thuvia, Maid of Mars - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Ticket No. '9672' - Jules Verne

Time Machine, The - H. G. Wells

Time Regained - Marcel Proust

Tom Sawyer Abroad - Mark Twain

Tono-Bungay - H. G. Wells

Topsy-Turvy - Jules Verne

To The Lighthouse - Virginia Woolf

Traffics and Discoveries - Rudyard Kipling

Trail of '98: A Northland Romance, The - Robert W. Service

Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson

Treasure of Atlantis, The - J. Allan Dunn

Tremendous Event, The - Maurice Leblanc

Trial, The - Franz Kafka

Trilby - George Du Maurier

Turn of the Screw, The - Henry James

Twenty Years after - Alexandre Dumas

Twice Told Tales - Nathaniel Hawthorne

Twilight Sleep - Edith Wharton

Twixt Land and Sea - Joseph Conrad

Two on a Tower - Thomas Hardy

Typhoon and Other Stories - Joseph Conrad

Uller Uprising - H. Beam Piper

Ulysses - James Joyce

Uncle Silas - Sheridan Le Fanu

Uncle Tom's Cabin - Harriet Beecher Stowe

Under Western Eyes - Joseph Conrad

Unveiling a Parallel, A Romance - Alice Ilgenfritz Jones and Ella Merchant

Utopia - Thomas More

Valley of Fear, The - Arthur Conan Doyle

Vampyre, A Tale, The - John Polidori

Vanity Fair - William Makepeace Thackeray

Vathek; An Arabian Tale - William Beckford

Venetia - Benjamin Disraeli

Vicar of Wakefield, The - Oliver Goldsmith

Vicomte De Bragelonne, The - Alexandre Dumas

Victory - Joseph Conrad

Villette - Charlotte Bronte

Vivian Grey - Benjamin Disraeli

Voyage In A Balloon, A - Jules Verne

Voyage Out, The - Virginia Woolf

Voyage to Arcturus, A - David Lindsay

Vril, The Power of the Coming Race - Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Wandering Ghosts - F. Marion Crawford

War and Peace - Leo Tolstoy

Warden, The - Anthony Trollope

War in Heaven - Charles Williams

War in the Air, The - H. G. Wells

Warlord of Mars, The - Edgar Rice Burroughs

War of the Worlds, The - H. G. Wells

Water of the Wondrous Isles, The - William Morris

Waverley - Walter Scott

Waves, The - Virginia Woolf

Way of All Flesh, The - Samuel Butler

Way We Live Now, The - Anthony Trollope

Well at the World's End, The - William Morris

What Men Live By, and Other Tales - Leo Tolstoy

Wheels of Chance, The - H. G. Wells

When God Laughs and Other Stories - Jack London

When the World Screamed - Arthur Conan Doyle

When the World Shook - H. Rider Haggard

White Company, The - Arthur Conan Doyle

White Fang - Jack London

White Nights and Other Stories - Fyodor Dostoevsky

Wieland - Charles Brockden Brown

Wife and Other Stories, The - Anton Chekhov

Wife of Sir Isaac Harman, The - H. G. Wells

Wings of the Dove, The - Henry James

Wired Love - Ella Cheever Thayer

Wisdom of Father Brown, The - G. K. Chesterton

Wisdom's Daughter - H. Rider Haggard

Witch and Other Stories, The - Anton Chekhov

Witch Shall Be Born, A - Robert E. Howard

With Fire and Sword - Henryk Sienkiewicz

Within an Inch of His Life - Émile Gaboriau

With the Adepts - Franz Hartmann

Wives and Daughters - Elizabeth Gaskell

Wizard of Venus, The - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Woman in White, The - Wilkie Collins

Woman of Mystery, The - Maurice Leblanc

Women in Love - D. H. Lawrence

Wonderful Visit, The - H. G. Wells

Wood Beyond the World, The - William Morris

Woodlanders, The - Thomas Hardy

Works of Edgar Allan Poe, Volume 1, The - Edgar Allan Poe

Works of Edgar Allan Poe, Volume 2, The - Edgar Allan Poe

Works of Edgar Allan Poe, Volume 3, The - Edgar Allan Poe

Works of Edgar Allan Poe, Volume 4, The - Edgar Allan Poe

Works of Edgar Allan Poe, Volume 5, The - Edgar Allan Poe

World Set Free, The - H. G. Wells

Worm Ourorobos, The - E. R. Eddison

Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte

Xingu - Edith Wharton

Years, The - Virginia Woolf

Yellow Wallpaper, The - Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Young Visiters, The - Daisy Ashford

Youth - Leo Tolstoy

Youth and the Bright Medusa - Willa Cather

Zadig Or, The Book of Fate - Voltaire

Zanoni - Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Zastrozzi - Percy Bysshe Shelley