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  • Over 2,800 ebooks.
  • FREE UPDATES for 1 year.*
  • Neatly organised into categories.
  • Secure payment via PayPal (credit/debit card).
  • Instant downloads - no waiting for email confirmation.

IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ - After making your payment, PayPal will redirect you to the download page, so please wait for it to do so. If you accidentally click something that cancels that redirect, email me at julie@globalgreyebooks.com, and as soon as I can, I will email you the link to the page instead. If this happens when I'm sleeping (practically the only time I'm away from my computer), unfortunately, you'll have to wait until I wake up.

Imagine having an entire library of books in one single folder.
No more time spent downloading.
All your favourite books, neatly organised into folders; ready for you whenever you want to read them.
Every 4 months for 1 year you'll get the books that have been added since your purchase, so you don't need to worry about missing out on anything.

This download is available in two ways -
The one entire folder (23 GB).
10 smaller folders (each one around 2GB).
Both of these options will be presented to you after payment.

Questions? Scroll down to see the F.A.Q

*Free updates every 4 months via email link to zip folder.

F.A.Q for Entire ebook Collection

What is in the download?

All the books which are currently on Global Grey (see full list here).

How do I know it's safe to put in my card details?

I use PayPal to deal with the orders, which is a very secure system. You can pay through them using either your PayPal account (if you have one) or by normal credit or debit card. At no point does Global Grey capture your card details. The only details I will get is your name and email address so I can send your updates. Everything is extremely safe and secure.

How do I buy it?

Click the PayPal button, and enter your details.

What happens after I buy?

After you have paid, PayPal will redirect* you back to Global Grey - to a page where all your download options will be available. You will have the choice to either download the contents in one folder, or in 10 smaller folders. There are also images of the contents of the smaller folders, so you can see which book subjects are in which folder, should you wish to download certain categories first.
*If you happen to accidentally cancel this redirect, email me at julie@globalgreyebooks.com, and I'll send you the page link manually. Please note, if this happens when I'm sleeping, you will have to wait until I wake up (UK time, around 5am).

PayPal rejected my card.

I don't have any control over PayPal's policies or website. The most common problem is incorrectly entered details.

Can I transfer money directly to your bank account instead of paying by card?

Yes. If you go here, you will find my bank details. Please make sure, if you want to order this way, that you email me at julie@globalgreyebooks.com and tell me your details first. If you don't, I will have no idea who put the money in my bank account.

What format are the files?

Scanned books are only available in PDF format. Global Grey editions are either in just PDF (the minority), or all 3: PDF, epub and Kindle (the majority).

Can I read the books on an E-Book reader such as the Amazon Kindle?

Absolutely. Both epubs and Kindle can be read on e-readers.

How do I read the pdfs?

Most pcs have Adobe Reader already installed on them. If for some strange reason, yours doesn't, you can download it for free here.

How do I put the ebooks onto my E-Reader?

After downloading the eBook, plug your E-Reading device into the PC, open the folder where all your books are stored and simply either copy and paste the new eBook, or drag it into your E-Reader folder.

How do I put the ebooks onto my Kindle?

Most people who read Kindle books are only used to doing so after downloading or buying from Amazon, and there seems to be some confusion as to how to get the .mobi file onto the actual Kindle in order to read it. You do not need your Amazon account to download the Kindle books on this site.

1. Download the Kindle format file from Global Grey onto your PC or laptop.

2. Plug your Kindle into the PC using your USB charger (your Kindle doesn't need to be switched on).

3. Find your Kindle folder on your PC.

4. Inside this folder is another folder called "Documents".

5. Copy/paste/move the Kindle book you just downloaded, into this folder.

6. Unplug your Kindle, switch it on, and the book should be there.

How and when do I get the free updates?

You will get free updates, every 4 months, for one year starting from the month you purchase your collection. For example, if you bought the collection on 15th February 2019, your first update would be sent to you at the end of June 2019, your second one at the end of October 2019, and finally, the last one at the end of February 2020. You will be sent an email, which will have a special link. Clicking on the link will lead you to a page on Global Grey where you can download a zip folder containing all books added since your purchase.

How large (disk space) is the folder?

The Entire ebook collection is around 23GB. You can choose to either download this as one big folder, or as 10 smaller folders.

Do you have the ebooks translated into French, Spanish, German, etc.

Unfortunately, no.

Have any more questions? Email me at julie@globalgreyebooks.com, or contact me using the form over on the contact page.

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