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The Paranormal ebook collection - Only £2.50

Scroll down to see the complete list of books that are in this collection.

40 ebooks.
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PDF, epub, Kindle formats.

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The Paranormal Collection - List of Books

Adventurings in the Psychical By H. Addington Bruce

After-Death Communications By L. M. Bazett

Astral Projection, A Complete Guide By Unknown

Beyond The Five Senses By L. M. Bazett

The Blue Island: Experiences of a New Arrival Beyond the Veil By W. T. Stead

The Book of Dreams and Ghosts By Andrew Lang

The Book of the Damned By Charles Fort

The Coming of the Saucers By Kenneth Arnold and Raymond Palmer

The Dead Have Never Died By Edward C. Randall

Death and its Mystery By Camille Flammarion

The Dulce Book By Branton

A Dweller on Two Planets By Frederick S. Oliver

The Flying Saucers are Real By Donald Keyhoe

From India to the Planet Mars By Theodore Flournoy

Ghosts in Solid Form By Gambier Bolton

The Ghost World By Thomas Firminger Thiselton-Dyer

Here and Hereafter By Anthony Borgia

In Days to Come By Ethel P. Hill

I Remember Lemuria and The Return of Sathanas By Richard S. Shaver

The Last Crossing By Gladys Osborne Leonard

The Life Beyond the Veil, Volume 1 By G. Vale Owen

Life in the World Unseen By Anthony Borgia

Lo! By Charles Fort

Majestic 12 and the Secret Government By William Cooper

Mental Radio By Upton Sinclair

More About Life in the World Unseen By Anthony Borgia

My Trip to Mars By William Ferguson

New Lands By Charles Fort

The Omega File: Greys, Nazis, Underground Bases, and the New World Order By Branton

Other Tongues, Other Flesh By George Hunt Williamson

Pheneas Speaks By Arthur Conan Doyle

The Planet Mars and Its Inhabitants By Eros Urides

The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects By Edward Ruppelt

The Secret of the Saucers By Ofreo M. Angelucci

There is No Death By Florence Marryatt

Thirty Years Among the Dead By Carl Wickland

True Irish Ghost Stories By St. John D. Seymour and Harry L. Neligan

The Vital Message By Arthur Conan Doyle

A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands By Franchezzo

Wild Talents By Charles Fort

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