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The Folk-Lore and Mythology Collection - List of Books

The Algonquin Legends of New England By Charles G. Leland

The Ancient Irish Goddess of War By W. M. Hennessey

Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms, and Superstitions of Ireland By Lady Francesca Speranza Wilde

Ancient Tales and Folk-lore of Japan By Richard Gordon Smith

Animism Or Thought Currents of Primitive Peoples By George William Gilmore

Australian Legendary Tales By Katie Langloh Parker

Baloma; The Spirits of the Dead in the Trobriand Islands By Bronislaw Malinowski

The Barddas of Iolo Morganwg Volume 1 By J. Williams (Ab Ithel)

The Barddas of Iolo Morganwg, Volume 2 By J. Williams (Ab Ithel)

Basque Legends By Wentworth Webster

Beowulf By J. Lesslie Hall

A Book Of Folk-Lore By Sabine Baring-Gould

The Book of Hallowe’en By Ruth Edna Kelley

The Book of Nature Myths By Florence Holbrook

A Book Of Saints And Wonders By Lady Gregory

The Book of Talismans, Amulets and Zodiacal Gems By William Thomas and Kate Pavitt

The Book of Were-Wolves By Sabine Baring-Gould

British Goblins By Wirt Sikes

Bulfinch’s Mythology, Legends of Charlemagne By Thomas Bulfinch

Bulfinch’s Mythology, The Age of Chivalry By Thomas Bulfinch

Bulfinch’s Mythology, The Age of Fable By Thomas Bulfinch

The Cattle Raid of Cualnge By L. Winifred Faraday

The Celtic Dragon Myth By J. F. Campbell

Celtic Fairy Tales By Joseph Jacobs

Celtic Folklore, Welsh and Manx By John Rhys

Celtic Mythology and Religion By Alexander Macbain

Celtic Wonder Tales By Ella Young

Christmas in Ritual and Tradition By Clement A. Miles

Chukchee Mythology By Waldemar Bogoras

Cuchulain of Muirthemne By Lady Gregory

Curious Myths of the Middle Ages By Sabine Baring-Gould

The Customs and Traditions of the Aboriginal Natives of North Western Australia By John G. Withnell

Dancing Gods, Indian Ceremonials of New Mexico and Arizona By Erna Fergusson

The Destruction of Da Derga’s Hostel By Whitely Stokes

Dragons and Dragon Lore By Ernest Ingersoll

The Eleusinian and Bacchic Mysteries By Thomas Taylor

The Eleusinian Mysteries and Rites By Dudley Wright

English Fairy and Other Folk Tales By Edwin Sidney Hartland

Eskimo Folk-Tales By Knud Rasmussen

Etruscan Roman Remains in Popular Tradition By Charles G. Leland

The Evil Eye By Frederick Thomas Elworthy

The Evolution of the Dragon By G. Elliot Smith

Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry By William Butler Yeats

The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries By W. Y. Evans-Wentz

Fairy Legends and Traditions of the South of Ireland By Thomas Crofton Croker

The Fairy Mythology By Thomas Keightley

Festivals of Western Europe By Dorothy Gladys Spicer

Fetichism in West Africa By Robert Hamill Nassau

The Feuds of the Clans By Alexander MacGregor

Fictitious and Symbolic Creatures in Art By John Vinycomb

Folklore and Legends, Oriental By Charles John Tibbitts

The Folk-Lore of the North-East of Scotland By Walter Gregor

Folk-lore of Shakespeare By Thomas Firminger Thiselton-Dyer

Folk-lore of the Holy Land By J. E. Hanauer

The Folk-Lore of the Isle of Man By A. W. Moore

Folk-Lore of the Pennsylvania Germans By W. J. Hoffman

Folk-Lore of Women By Thomas Firminger Thiselton-Dyer

Folk Stories from Southern Nigeria By Elphinstone Dayrell

Folk Tales From the Russian By Verra de Blumenthal

The Four Ancient Books of Wales By William F. Skene

From Ritual to Romance By Jessie L. Weston

Funeral Customs By Bertram S. Puckle

Gisli the Outlaw By George Webbe Dasent

Gods and Fighting Men By Lady Gregory

The Golden Bough By James George Frazer

The Grateful Dead, The History of a Folk Story By Gordon Hall Gerould

Gypsy Folk Tales By Francis Hindes Groome

Hausa Folklore By Maalam Shaihu

Hawaiian Folk Tales By Thomas G. Thrum

Hero-Myths and Legends of the British Race By Maud Isabel Ebbutt

Hero Tales and Legends of the Rhine By Lewis Spence

The High History of the Holy Graal By Sebastian Evans

Idylls of the King By Alfred Tennyson

Indian Myths of South Central California By Alfred L. Kroeber

An Inquiry into the Animism and Folk-Lore of the Guiana Indians by Walter E. Roth

Irish Fairy Tales By James Stephens

The Kalevala By John Martin Crawford

The Key of Gold, 23 Czech Folk Tales By Josef Baudis

King Arthur, Tales of the Round Table By Andrew Lang

The Knight in the Panther’s Skin By Shot’ha Rust’haveli

The Laxdaela Saga By Muriel Press

Legendary Fictions of the Irish Celts By Patrick Kennedy

Legends and Popular Tales of the Basque People By Mariana Monteiro

Legends and Romances of Brittany By Lewis Spence

Legends and Stories of Ireland By Samuel Lover

Legends of Gods and Ghosts By William D. Westervelt

Legends of Maui By William D. Westervelt

Le Morte d'Arthur By Sir Thomas Malory

The Life and Death of Cormac the Skald By W. G. Collingwood And J. Stefansson

The Lore of the Unicorn By Odell Shepard

The Mabinogion By Lady Charlotte Guest

The Magic of the Horse-Shoe By Robert Means Lawrence

Magic Songs of the West Finns, Volume 1 By John Abercromby

Manners, Customs, and Observances: Their Origin and Significance By Leopold Wagner

Maori Religion and Mythology By Edward Shortland

The Migration of Symbols By Goblet d’Alviella

Moon Lore By Timothy Harley

The Mycenaean Origin of Greek Mythology By Martin P. Nilsson

Mythical Monsters By Charles Gould

Myths and Folk-lore of Ireland By Jeremiah Curtin

Myths and Legends of China By Edward T.C. Werner

Myths and Legends of Our Own Land By Charles M. Skinner

Myths and Legends of the Bantu By Alice Werner

Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race By T. W. Rolleston

Myths and Legends of the Sioux By Marie L. Mclaughlin

Myths and Myth-Makers By John Fiske

Myths of Crete and Pre-Hellenic Europe By Donald A. Mackenzie

Myths of Greece and Rome By Jane Harrison

Myths of Ife By John Wyndham

The Nibelungenlied By Daniel B. Shumway

Oceanic Mythology By Roland B. Dixon

Omens and Superstitions of Southern India By Edgar Thurston

Ophiolatreia or Serpent Worship By Anonymous

The Origins of Popular Superstitions and Customs By T. Sharper Knowlson

A Peep at the Pixies, or Legends of the West By Anna Eliza Bray

Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales By George Douglas

The Second Battle of Mag Tuired By Elizabeth A. Gray

Siegfried and The Twilight of the Gods By Richard Wagner

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight By Kenneth G. T. Webster and W. A. Neilson

Specimens of Bushman Folklore By W. H. I. Bleek And L. C. Lloyd

The Stories of the Months and Days By Reginald C. Couzens

The Story of Burnt Njal By George Webbe Dasent

The Story of Sigurd the Volsung By William Morris

The Story of the Champions of the Round Table By Howard Pyle

The Story of Viga-Glum By Edmund Head

Sun Lore of All Ages By William Tyler Olcott

Taboo, Magic, Spirits: A Study Of Primitive Elements In Roman Religion By Eli Edward Burriss

Tales of the Dartmoor Pixies By William Crossing

Tales of the Fairies and of the Ghost World By Jeremiah Curtin

Tales of Yukaghir, Lamut, and Russianized Natives of Eastern Siberia By Waldemar Bogoras

Teutonic Myth and Legend By Donald A. Mackenzie

Tibetan Folk Tales By A. L. Shelton

Tlingit Myths and Texts By John R. Swanton

Tom Tit Tot, An Essay on Savage Philosophy in Folk-Tale By Edward Clodd

Traces of the Norse Mythology in the Isle of Man By P. M. C. Kermode

Traditions and Hearthside Stories of West Cornwall Vol. 1 By William Bottrell

Traditions and Hearthside Stories of West Cornwall Vol. 2 By William Bottrell

Twenty-Two Goblins By Arthur W. Ryder

The Unicorn: A Mythological Investigation By Robert Brown

The Vampire, His Kith and Kin By Montague Summers

Visions and Beliefs in the West of Ireland By Lady Gregory

The Vita Merlini By Geoffrey of Monmouth

The Volsunga Saga By William Morris and Eirikr Magnusson

The Welsh Fairy Book By W. Jenkyn Thomas

When the Storm God Rides, Tejas and Other Indian Legends By Florence Stratton

Wonder Tales From Baltic Wizards By Frances Jenkins Olcott

Wonder Tales from Scottish Myth and Legend By Donald A. Mackenzie

The Worship of the Serpent By John Bathurst Deane

Yaqui Myths and Legends By Ruth Warner Giddings

Yoruba Legends By M. I. Ogumefu

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