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The Classics Collection - List of Books

Agamemnon By Aeschylus

Ajax By Sophocles

Alcestis By Euripides

Andromache By Euripides

Antigone By Sophocles

The Apology By Plato

The Argonautica By Apollonius

The Categories By Aristotle

The Choephori By Aeschylus

Critias By Plato

Crito By Plato

Cupid and Psyche By Apuleius

The Cyclops By Euripides

Dialogues By Seneca

The Discourses of Epictetus By Epictetus

The Eclogues By Virgil

Enchiridion By Epictetus

Eumenides By Aeschylus

Euthydemus By Plato

Euthyphro By Plato

The Golden Sayings of Epictetus By Epictetus

The Golden Verses of Pythagoras By Pythagoras

Heracles By Euripides

The History of Animals By Aristotle

The Iliad By Homer

Iphigenia At Aulis By Euripides

Laws By Plato

The Love Books By Ovid

Meditations By Marcus Aurelius

Metamorphoses By Ovid

Metaphysics By Aristotle

The Mimes of the Courtesans By Lucian

Nicomachean Ethics By Aristotle

Of the Nature of Things By Lucretius

On Benefits By Seneca

On Generation and Corruption By Aristotle

On Sophistical Refutations By Aristotle

On the Heavens By Aristotle

On the Shortness of Life By Seneca

On the Soul By Aristotle

On Youth And Old Age, On Life And Death, On Breathing By Aristotle

Parmenides By Plato

The Persians By Aeschylus

Philebus By Plato

Plutarch’s Lives By Plutarch

The Poems of Sappho By Sappho

Poetics By Aristotle

Politics By Aristotle

Prometheus Bound By Aeschylus

The Republic By Plato

The Satyricon By Petronius

The Seven Against Thebes By Aeschylus

The Seventh Letter By Plato

The Six Enneads By Plotinus

The Statesman By Plato

The Suppliants By Aeschylus

Symposium By Plato

Theaetetus By Plato

Timaeus By Plato

The Trachiniae By Sophocles

The Trojan Women By Euripides

The Works of Lucian of Samosata By Lucian

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