Book: Creation Myths of Primitive America
Author: Jeremiah Curtin

Creation Myths of Primitive America By Jeremiah Curtin

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 384
Publication Date: 1898

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Despite the title, which suggests that this is a comprehensive study of Native American creation myths, this is actually a very good set of animal myths from two tribes of California, the Wintu and Yana. These tribes inhabited the northern Central Valley; the Yana are closely related to the Yahi, the tribe of Ishi, the 'last wild Indian'. Also, these are not creation myths per se; they are tales from an epic cycle about the proto-animal inhabitants of the California dreamtime, the beings who existed before the arrival of humans. That said, this is a very reputable collection which is cited to this day in scholarly papers about native California.