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The Collected Articles of Ida Craddock By Ida Craddock

The Collected Articles of Ida Craddock

Ida Craddock

Available in PDF, epub, and Kindle ebook. This book has 173 pages in the PDF version.


Ida C. Craddock (1857 – 1902) was a 19th-century American advocate of free speech and women's rights. She wrote many serious instructional tracts on human sexuality and appropriate, respectful sexual relations between husband and wife. Aleister Crowley reviewed 'Heavenly Bridegrooms' in the pages of his journal The Equinox, stating that it was:
"...one of the most remarkable human documents ever produced, and it should certainly find a regular publisher in book form. ...This book is of incalculable value to every student of occult matters. No Magick library is complete without it."

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