Book: Collectanea Hermetica Volume III
Author: William Wynn Westcott

Collectanea Hermetica Volume III By William Wynn Westcott

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Pages (PDF): 50
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This is Volume 3 (A Short Enquiry Concerning the Hermetic Art) of 7 Volumes. From the Preface: "THERE is great reason to believe that this Enquiry into the Hermetic Art, first published in 1714, led to the composition of the still more extended and more spiritually conceived volume, the Suggestive Enquiry into the Hermetic Mystery and Alchemy, which was published anonymously in 1850. This latter volume, which has for many years been unprocurable, and which cannot yet be reprinted by any one unless with the consent of the survivor of the two authors, is an almost complete review of Alchemy on the spiritual plane."