Book: Collectanea Hermetica Volume I
Author: William Wynn Westcott

Collectanea Hermetica Volume I By William Wynn Westcott

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Pages (PDF): 52
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This is Volume 1 (Hermetic Arcanum) of 7 Volumes. From the Preface: "HERMETIC students find very great difficulty in securing copies of the old Rosicrucian tracts and other notable volumes of occult lore, and I have been urged by many earnest members of the Rosicrucian Society to undertake the Editorship of a series of small volumes, which are to provide some of the texts of the greatest value in Hermetic research. Among my personal friends and fellow-students are many who have made a long study of the Occult Sciences, of the Kabalah, of Alchemy, and of the Higher Magic, and these have assured me of their support in this undertaking."