Book: The Cathedral Builders; The Story of a Great Masonic Guild
Author: Leader Scott

The Cathedral Builders; The Story of a Great Masonic Guild By Leader Scott

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 759
Publication Date: 1899

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This book focuses not so much on the secret society aspect of the Freemasons, but on the architecture. Taken from the first chapter: "Is it likely that many single architects in different countries would have had the same ideas at the same time? Could any single architect, indeed, have designed every detail of even one of those marvellous complex buildings? or have executed or modelled one-tenth of the wealth of sculpture lavished on one of those glorious cathedrals? I think not. The existence of one of these churches argues a plurality of workers under one governing influence ; the existence of them all argues a huge universal brotherhood of architects and sculptors with different branches in each country, and the same aims, technique, knowledge and principles permeating through all, while each conforms in detail to local influences and national taste."

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