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Ancient Calendars and Constellations

Ancient Calendars and Constellations

Emmeline M. Plunket

Chapters include: The Accadian Calendar; The Constellation Aries; Gu, Eleventh Constellation of the Zodiac; The Median Calendar and the Constellation Taurus; Astronomy in the Rig Veda; Ancient Indian Astronomy; and, The Chinese Calendar.

Ancient Mysteries and Modern Masonry

Ancient Mysteries and Modern Masonry

C. H. Vail

This book consists of a series of lectures, first given in Pullman Memorial Church, Albion, New York. The purpose of these lectures is to consider the origin and nature of the Ancient Mysteries and Modern Masonry and to show the relation which they bear one to the other.

Ancient Pagan and Modern Christian Symbolism

Thomas Inman

A beautifully illustrated book, Ancient Pagan And Modern Christian Symbolism describes how ancient symbolism from ‘pagan’ religions, came to be used by Christianity. One thing to bear in mind here is that the author is using the term ‘paganism’ very loosely; including Hindu, Greek and Ancient Egyptian symbolism.

Astral Worship

Astral Worship

J. H. Hill

This is an interesting little book tracing the history of Astrology, Paganism, and Christianity. Chapters include: The Geocentric System Of Nature; The Sacred Numbers 7 And 12; The Twelve Thousand Year Cycle; The Ancient Triad; The Ancient Cosmogony; Fall And Redemption Of Man; Incarnations Of God Sol; Fable Of The Twelve Labors; Anniversaries Of…

Babel and Bible

Friedrich Delitzsch

This fully illustrated book is a series of two lectures on how many Old Testament writings were borrowed from ancient Babylonian tales, including the stories of the Creation and Flood from the Book of Genesis.

The Biography of Satan

The Biography of Satan

Kersey Graves

The Biography of Satan, Or, A Historical Exposition of the Devil and His Fiery Dominions. Disclosing the oriental origin of the belief in a devil and future endless punishment; also, an explanation of the pagan origin of the scriptural terms, bottomless pit, lake of fire and brimstone, chains of darkness, casting out devils, worm that never dieth, etc.

The Christian Mythology

Brigham Leatherbee

Chapters include: The Virgin Birth; Pagan Miracles; Spurious Relics; Trial and Execution Myths; Distorted Prophecies; The Resurrection; Miracles; Atonement and Salvation by Faith; The Trinity; Good and Evil Spirits; Religious Holiays and Rites; The Eucharist; and, Spread of Christianity.

Cuneiform Parallels to the Old Testament

Robert William Rogers

This fully illustrated book discusses the similarities between ancient books from Babylonia and Assyria, with stories from the Old Testament. Subjects include, Mythological Texts, Hymns and Prayers, Historical Texts, and Legal Texts.

Egyptian Mythology and Egyptian Christianity

Samuel Sharpe

With over 100 illustrations, Sharpe covers subjects like gods who had been mortals, burial ceremonies, the worship of ancestors and kings, Osiris, wives and priestesses and the theory of creation. As the title of the book suggests, it also contains info on Egyptian Christianity and covers the rise of Alexandria, the rebellions against Rome…

An Exposition of the Mysteries

John Fellows

This work attempts to show that the mysteries and ceremonies of the celebrated order of Freemasons are derived from the religious dogmas and customs of ancient nations, particularly those of Egypt, where the foundation of the whole machinery of religious mysteries, as far as is known, was first laid.

Fresh Light from the Ancient Monuments

Fresh Light from the Ancient Monuments

A. H. Sayce

Fresh light from the ancient monuments : a sketch of the most striking confirmations of the Bible from recent discoveries in Egypt, Palestine, Assyria, Babylonia, Asia Minor. Chapters include: The Book of Genesis; The Exodus out of Egypt; The Moabite Stone and the Inscription of Siloam; The Empire of the Hittites; The Assyrian Invasions; and, Nebuchadrezzar and Cyrus.

Gerald Massey’s Lectures

Gerald Massey's Lectures

Gerald Massey

Includes: The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ; Paul the Gnostic Opponent of Peter; The “Logia of the Lord”; Gnostic and Historic Christianity; The Hebrew and Other Creations; In Reply to Professor A. H. Sayce; The Devil of Darkness in the Light of Evolution; Luniolatry, Ancient and Modern; Greek Mythology and the God Apollo; Man in Search of His Soul; The Seven Souls of Man; A Retort; and, The Coming Religion.

The Gnostics and Their Remains

C. W. King

This book draws from, among others, the likes of the Pistis Sophia to give an account of the early Gnostic believers. What follows is not by any means a full list of what is in the book. Part I covers the sources of Gnosticism and includes the origin of Gnosticism, the Book of Enoch, the Zendavesta, the Kabbalah and Buddhism…

The Golden Bough

The Golden Bough

James George Frazer

The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion is a wide-ranging, comparative study of mythology and religion. It attempts to define the shared elements of religious belief to scientific thought, discussing fertility rites, human sacrifice, the dying god, the scapegoat and many other symbols and practices which have influenced the 20th…

The Great Secret

Maurice Maeterlinck

This book covers Arya-Hindu or Atlanto-Hindu: the occultism of antiquity that is, the Egyptian, Persian, Chaldean, and Hebrew occultism and that of the Greek mysteries; the Hebrew-Christian esoterism of the Essenes, the Gnostics, the Neoplatonists of Alexandria, and the cabalists of the middle ages; and the modern occultism.

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