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31 Planes of Existence

31 Planes Of Existence

Ven. Suvanno Mahathera

This short eBook examines the Buddhist concept of the 31 planes of existence, explaining what they are, including Kama Loka (the Sensual World), Rupa Loka (the Material World), and Arupa Loka (the Immaterial World). One of the main tenets in the Buddha’s Teachings is that all things happen due to a cause. In the context of birth and death, these two phenomena are actually one process. Death is followed by immediate rebirth in accordance with a law…

Amitabha, A Story of Buddhist Theology

Amitabha, A Story of Buddhist Theology

Paul Carus

This is a short story set in the first century CE during the height of Buddhism in India. Carus uses the story as a frame to discuss Buddhist concepts of God, non-violence and religious tolerance.

Awakening of Faith in the Mahayana Doctrine


The Awakening of Faith might also be rendered The Mahayana Faith or The Faith of the New Buddhism. Its importance is apparent when we consider that its doctrines are the fundamental ones of the Mahayana Faith, which is by far the chief school of Buddhism, not only in Japan, but also in China, where are the great majority of the Buddhists of the world.

Beyond Belief, A Buddhist Critique of Fundamentalist Christianity

A. L. DeSilva

From the Preface: ‘The purpose of this book is threefold. Firstly it aims to critically examine the fundamentalist approach to Christianity and thereby highlight its many logical, philosophical and ethical problems. In doing this I hope to be able to provide Buddhists with facts which they can use when Christians attempt to evangelize them. This…

Buddha’s Way of Virtue

Buddha's Way of Virtue

W. D. C. Wagiswara And K. J. Saunders

Part of the Wisdom of the East series, The Buddha’s Way Of Virtue is a translation of the Dhammapada, which is a collection, in verse form, of the sayings of Buddha.

Buddhism and Buddhists in China

Lewis Hodus

From the Preface: ‘Buddhism is a religion which must be viewed from many angles. Its original form, as preached by Gautama in India and developed in the early years succeeding, and as embodied in the sacred literature of early Buddhism, is not representative of the actual Buddhism of any land today. The faithful student of Buddhist literature…

Buddhism in Tibet

Emil Schlagintweit

Buddhism In Tibet, Illustrated by Literary Documents and Objects of Religious Worship With An Account Of The Buddhist Systems That Preceded It In India, covers Indian and Tibetan Buddhism, the Tibetan Priesthood, Religious Buildings and Monuments, Representation of Buddhist Deities and Religious Ceremonies. Fully illustrated.

A Buddhist Bible

A Buddhist Bible

Dwight Goddard

Comprising of the favourite scriptures of the Zen sect, including The Diamond Sutra, The Lankavatara Sutra, The Sutra Of Transcendental Wisdom, and The Sutra Of The Sixth Patriarch. This first edition was self-published in Vermont by Goddard.

The Buddhist Catechism

The Buddhist Catechism

Henry S. Olcott

The Buddhist Catechism was Olcott’s attempt to elucidate the basic doctrines of Buddhism in an ecumenical way. This book is still in use today in Sri Lanka. Olcott is fondly remembered in Sri Lanka and by Theosophists world-wide.

Buddhist Mahayana Texts

E. B. Cowell

Volume XLIX of The Sacred Books Of The East series, this book is in two parts. Part 1 covers the Buddha-Karita of Asvagosha, Books I-XVII. Part 2 covers The Larger Sukhavati-Vyuha and The Smaller Sukhavati-Vyuha, as well as the Vagrakkhedika, the Larger and Smaller Pragma-Paramita-Hridaya-Sutras, and the Amitayur-Dhyana-Sutra.

Buddhist Meditation and Depth Psychology

Douglas M. Burns

Chapters include; Material Considerations; Psychological Obstacles; Mindfulness of Postures and of Actions; The Techniques of Meditation; Mindfulness of Breathing; Scientific Evaluations of Meditation; Mindfulness of Feelings, Consciousness, and Mental Objects; Sensory Deprivation; and, The Eighth Step.

Buddhist Psalms

Buddhist Psalms

S. Yamabe and Lily Adams Beck

This entry in the Wisdom of the East series consists of a translation of the Jodo-Wasan, the Psalms of the Pure Land. This text is by Shinran Shonin, the 10th century Japanese monk who founded Shin Buddhism, a branch of Pure Land Buddhism. This is one of the most popular sects of Buddhism in Japan, centering around devotional practices as the way to enlightenment.

Buddhist Scriptures

Buddhist Scriptures

E. J. Thomas

This is a short collection of excerpts from Buddhist scripture, selected by an expert in the field. It includes several stories drawn from the Buddhas’ life, including past lives from the Jataka. While less stress is placed on theological matters, the basics of the Buddha’s message are all here.

Chinese Buddhism

Joseph Edkins

Includes the life of Buddha in four chapters, the Patriarchs of the Northern Buddhists, a sketch of the history of Buddhism in China, the Schools of Chinese Buddhism, the Buddhist Moral System, relation of Buddhism to Hindu Mythology, Buddhist Literature and the Buddhist Universe.

The Creed of Buddha

The Creed of Buddha

Edmond Holmes

Edmond Holmes, a Pantheist, reviews Buddhist theology and critiques Western conceptions (or misconceptions) of fundamental concepts such as Nirvana. In this book Holmes attempts to get back to the core of what Buddha taught, not necessarily what is considered orthodox. His interpretation is thought-provoking.

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