Ancient Art and Ritual

Ancient Art and Ritual

Jane Harrison

Illustrated. Chapters include; Art and Ritual; Primitive Ritual: Pantomimic Dances; Seasonal Rites: The Spring Festival; The Spring Festival in Greece; Transition From Ritual To Art; Greek Sculpture; and, Ritual, Art and Life.

Christian Symbolism

Katherine Lee Jenner

Fully illustrated, this book explores the different symbolism in Christianity. Chapters include: Sacraments and Sacramentals; The Trinty; The Cross and Passion; The World Of Spirits; The Saints; The Church; Ecclesiastical Costume; Lesser Symbolism; and, Old Testament Types.

The Doré Gallery of Bible Illustrations

The Doré Gallery of Bible Illustrations

Gustave Doré

With 100 beautiful illustrations, this is a book of Dore’s artistic interpretations of Biblical stories, from the creation of Eve until the story of Saul.

The Floral Symbolism of the Great Masters

Elizabeth Haig

A book that explores the symbolism used by the great Masters of art, in relation to the Divine Mysteries. Fully illustrated, the various chapters go through fruit and flowers, explaining for each one, how the church has made use of their emblems.

Handbook of Christian Symbolism

W. And G. Audsley

Fully illustrated, it takes us through the various art and symbolism associated with Christianity. Chapter subjects include; The Nimbus, Aureole, and Glory; The Nimbus of Angels and Saints; The Symbols and Emblems of God; Symbols and Emblems of the Trinity; The Varieties of the Cross; Monograms of the Saviour’s Name; Emblems of the…

Ideas of Good and Evil

Ideas of Good and Evil

William Butler Yeats

Chapters include: What Is ‘Popular Poetry’?; Speaking To The Psaltery; Magic; The Happiest Of The Poets; The Philosophy Of Shelley’s Poetry; At Stratford-On-Avon; William Blake And The Imagination; William Blake And His Illustrations To The Divine Comedy; Symbolism In Painting; The Symbolism Of Poetry; The Theatre; The Celtic Element In Literature; The Autumn Of The Body; The Moods; The Body Of; The Father Christian Rosencrux; The Return…

Illustrated South America

W. D. Boyce

Published in 1912, this is ‘A Chicago Publisher’s Travels and Investigations in the Republics of South America, with 500 Photographs of People and Scenes from the Isthmus of Panama to the Straits of Magellan’.

A Manual of Church Decoration and Symbolism

Ernest Geldart

A beautiful book filled with the many symbols and emblems of Christianity. Geldart covers everything, from garlands and wreaths, to font covers and banners; from decorational texts to the fish emblem, and from the calendar to saints.

Primitive Art in Egypt

Jean Capart

Contains 208 illustrations. Including things like personal adornment, decorative art, stone vases, pottery, sculptures and paintings, this book is a must have for those wishing to examine art in Ancient Egypt.

Religion and Art in Ancient Greece

Religion and Art in Ancient Greece

Ernest Arthur Gardner

Chapters include: Idolatry And Imagination; Aspects Of Religion—Popular, Official, Poetical, Philosophical; The Conditions Of Religious Art In Greece; Anthropomorphism; Idealism; Individualism; and, Personification, Convention, And Symbolism.

Symbolism in Ancient American Art

F. W. Putnam

Fully illustrated. ‘An abstract of this paper can be hardly more than a brief description of the numerous drawings which have been prepared for the illustration of the art of the various peoples of America’.

Symbolism in Chinese Art

W. Perceval Yetts

“One of the most distinctive and striking features of Chinese Art is the symbolic character of its expression. From the earliest times the Chinese artist his exerted his skill with the intention of producing not merely objects pleasing to the eye, but at the same time emblems conveying a definite meaning.”