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A Bridge Of Roman Histories From Titus Livius To Cornelius Tacitus By William Fulbecke

A Bridge Of Roman Histories From Titus Livius To Cornelius Tacitus

William Fulbecke

This is a Facsimile PDF. It has 118 pages and was published in 1608.


The full title of this book is; "An abridgement, or rather, a bridge of Roman histories to passe the neerest way from Titus Livius to Cornelius Tacitus. Under which (in three bookes) as it were through three arches, for the space of sixe score yeeres, the fame and fortune of the Romans ebbs and flowes". This is a really old book, over 400 years old. The dialect and the spellings used in it, as you can imagine, are very different from modern English.

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