Notice: I am currently making some changes to the site. Some pages will look different to others until I am finished.


A proper blog section coming in the next few days.

I apologise for not posting new books for the past two weeks or so - I've been changing the site a bit. Hopefully I will be finished in a week. And then I'll get back to adding new books. Also this section will be fleshed out more, and the pages for those people who have already submitted their work via the submissions page will be up.

There's also going to be a trial of a forum, so all us like minded people can get together and discuss things of interest.

Newsletters have been delayed and I will start sending them out again sometime next week when I've caught up a bit with adding new books.

Updates are also being put off until next week - so don't worry if you don't get yours today (as is usual) - I will definitely be sending them out next week.

Thank you for bearing with me - I'm working really hard to finish off what I'm doing in order to get back to doing what I love - thank you for your patience 🙂

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