Book: The Believer’s Victory Over Satan’s Devices
Author: William L. Parsons

The Believer’s Victory Over Satan’s Devices By William L. Parsons

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 326
Publication Date: 1876

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From the Editorial Introduction: This volume has been recommended for republication at our Book Rooms by a number of leading ministers of the Methodist Episcopal Church. It comes from another school of evangelical theology. Its quotations are usually from thinkers of that school, as Edwards and James Brainard Taylor. The writer seems to have drawn little or nothing from Wesley, Fletcher, Watson, or Peck. His modes of expression, some of his theological assumptions and positions, and liis inadequate statement of our views, (p. 211,) indicate a non-Wesleyan very clearly to one acquainted with both sides. Nevertheless, on the central point of the book, the doctrine of a higher plane of Christian life, for which Wesleyanism for a century found itself nearly or quite the sole unflinching witness, there is such a coincidence as renders his work rather the more interesting from its very coming from without the circle. It is well to compare notes with this incomer.

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