Book: An Assyrian Doomsday Book
Author: C. H. W. Johns

An Assyrian Doomsday Book By C. H. W. Johns

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 129
Publication Date: 1901

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An Assyrian Doomsday Book or Liber Censualis, Of The District Round Harran; In The Seventh Century B. C. Copied From The Cuneiform Tablets In The British Museum. Taken from the Preface: 'In the following pages are set out the remains of the earliest survey of the district about Harran, of which we have any record. I am not without hope that the light shed upon early life in Mesopotamia, the people who dwelt there in the 7th Century B. C, their occupations, nationalities, and relation to Assyria, may be found interesting by many readers who have not the special knowledge nor the leisure for an extensive study of Assyriology. Indeed I have edited these ancient records quite as much because of their general interest as for their value to specialists'.

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