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The Teleportation Of Gil Perez


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This is one of those cases which, although has no verifiable information, has still survived a few hundred years.

Gil Perez was a 16th century soldier and guard, who worked at the palace of the Governor General in Manila, Philippines. On October 26th, 1593, Gil Perez was doing his guard duties at the Governor’s palace in Manila. The day before, Chinese pirates had assassinated the governor of Manila, Gomez Perez Dasmarinas. (Other sources state the date as the 24th, but Dasmarinas was actually assassinated on the 25th.)

Gil Perez

Gil Perez

As the story goes, Perez felt sleepy, rested against the wall and closed his eyes. When he opened them however, he was surprised (probably a huge understatement) to find that he was in an entirely different place; somewhere unfamiliar to him, which turned out to be Mexico City’s Plaza Mayor.

Not quite certain what to do, Perez just stood there until someone came up and asked what he thought he was doing. Still wearing the uniform of the Manila Palace guards, Perez tried to explain what had happened to him; stating that he had been guarding the Palace because of the assassination of the governor.

Understandably, the Mexicans didn’t really believe him and promptly threw him in jail, believing instead that he was either a deserter of the Philippine army, or (because this was the 16th Century), some sort of Satan worshipping heretic.

The Plaza Mayor, where the soldier allegedly appeared in 1593

The Plaza Mayor, where the soldier allegedly appeared in 1593

After about 2 months, a ship arrived from the Phillipines, bringing news of the governor’s assassination, confirming what Perez had told his captors. Furthermore, some of the people aboard the ship recognised Perez and stated that he had indeed, been guarding the Palace on the day he said he had been.

Presumably still harbouring thoughts that he was in fact a Satan worshipper, the Mexican authorities let him go anyway. He returned to Manila and took back his position of Palace guard.

And that’s all there is to this story. It apparently started appearing in texts a century or so after the account happened.

So what did happen to Gil Perez?

Is it all made up? Did he have something to do with the assassination plot and had somehow escaped to Mexico, only to show up a couple of months later in that spot, acting all surprised as to where he was? Or did he really teleport? Sometimes, things happen to people that they just can’t explain. Maybe this was Perez’s ‘WTF’ moment; something that happened, and something, that for the rest of his life, he would tell people about by prefacing it with “Now I know this sounds incredible but…”

Or maybe he really was a Satan worshipper. Although quite how Satan thinks instantaneously transporting someone from one country to another is going to help him fight the war against God, I don’t know.


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