New Site Design

New Site Design

Global Grey has a new look! After a month of working behind the scenes, it is with a massive sigh of relief that I am uploading the new site today.

On the whole, the site design hasn't changed a great deal. Graphic design is not my strong point, and my coding is amateur at best - but it does have some nice new touches to it.

The logo has changed, I guess that's one of the bigger things. But apart from the general look of the site, I've also added Articles. There isn't an awful lot of content in there at the moment. It was a toss up between spending another week or so creating a few more items, or getting the new site up, and I chose the latter because 'perfection is the enemy of good', and all that.

I am really looking forward to getting back to a schedule, and to getting back to putting new books up (my last book added was the 3rd May!). I apologise for not sending a newsletter out at the end of last month, but there really wasn't much point, as only 3 books were added.

However, now things will be getting back to normal, and from tomorrow, new books will be added regularly, as usual.

If you notice any problems with the new site, either email me at, or wait a while - I'm going to be checking through things, so hopefully, if there is a problem, I'll notice it sooner or later.