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Books by Arifani Moyo

Arifani Moyo

Name: Arifani Moyo.

Title of Series: The Maledict Knights (Series 1).

Title of Universe: The Wondrous Knights.

Current Submission: Book 1 & 2 of Series 1.

Logline: During a medieval monster scourge, a knighthood of sensitive young demigods defends humanity while powerful traitors bring curses to destroy the greatest aristocracy on earth.

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy (sword and sorcery).

Tags: Medieval, Superhero, Adventure, Monsters, Family, Friendship, Teenagers.

Bio: Arifani Moyo grew up in different parts of Zimbabwe, trained as an actor in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, and completed his PhD in theatre criticism at Royal Holloway University of London, England, specialising in cultural decolonisation theory. His more personal interests include mythology, religion and psychology, especially as they relate to the art and craft of storytelling. He now lives in his home country, continuing to imagine possibilities.


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