Book: The American Prejudice Against Color
Author: William G. Allen

The American Prejudice Against Color By William G. Allen

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 72
Publication Date: 1853

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From the Introduction: "Many persons having suggested that it would greatly subserve the Anti-slavery Cause in this country, to present to the public a concise narrative of my recent narrow escape from death, at the hands of an armed mob in America, a mob armed with tar, feathers, poles, and an empty barrel spiked with shingle nails, together with the reasons which induced that mob, I propose to give it. I cannot promise however, to write such a book as ought to be written to illustrate fully the bitterness, malignity, and cruelty, of American prejudice against color, and to show its terrible power in grinding into the dust of social and political bondage, the hundreds of thousands of so-called free men and women of color of the North."

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