Book: Aboriginal Siberia
Author: M. A. Czaplicka

Tagged with: Siberia - Anthropology

Aboriginal Siberia By M. A. Czaplicka

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 430
Publication Date: 1914

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Are there any true aborigines in Siberia, as there are in Africa and Australia? Aboriginal Siberia : a study in social anthropology, sets out to answer this question. In doing so, the author covers subjects such as Ethno-geography, Sociology, Religion and Pathology. An academic work by a student of Anthropology. Siberia occupies the whole of northern Asia, from Turania and the eastern Asiatic plateau to the Arctic Ocean, and from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific. It forms one-fourth of the whole continent of Asia, and has fewer inhabitants than London.^ The total area is 5,493,629 square miles, or more than the area of the United States, Alaska, and Europe taken together (5,184,109 square miles).- Its frontier in the south coincides roughly with the parallel of 60° N. lat., whence it stretches northwards over about 30° of latitude. Its western meridian is 60° E., and from this it extends eastwards through about 130° of longitude.

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