A Thank You Post

A Thank You Post

This post is really just to say ‘Thank you’ to all the people who have made one-off donations, who make monthly donations, who have left comments on the site, and who write to me to show their appreciation.

It makes me SO happy to get an email from someone telling me that they found a book they were looking for, or that, thanks to the site, they were able to get hold of a book that they just wouldn’t have been able to afford to buy elsewhere.

THIS is what makes doing this site worthwhile for me. I have days (just like everyone does) where I just think – “Why am I doing this?” – and then I get a message like this and it really pushes me forward and gives me that motivation to continue.

Here is a selection of the kind words I’ve received this year via emails or messages that came through with donations:

“THANK YOU for what you do! Wish I could donate more. Hopefully will be able to again soon.”

“Thanks a lot for your work.”

“Thank you for maintaining this site. I got to find Cabbalah Unveiled thanks to this and I am truly grateful.”

“You are incredible! THANK YOU!”

“Terrific website! Thanks for doing it.”

“Really appreciate the ebooks! Hope this helps keeps Global Grey in the green.”

“Thanks Aisha, I really appreciate your efforts with GlobalGrey.”

“THANK YOU for what you do!”

“A million thanks for this.”

“Thank you for your hard work in providing this valuable service, it is much appreciated.”

“Thank you for the hard work you have put in so that I could download the pdf books, you are so very much appreciated.”

“Thank you for this and all your hard work.”

“Thank you!”

“Thank you for all your work to help out the world!”

“Thank you for your work!”

“Thanks a lot for your work. It is being appreciated.”

“Thank you for your work. I will recommend it to others.”

“May you have a blessed life. Thank you!”

“Some support for your amazing hardwork!”

“This is AWESOME that you do this! Thank You!”

“Thank you for making these wonderful books available to all!”

“With many thanks for The Door to Success by Florence Scovel Shinn. May you be blessed a thousand fold!”

“Thank You for everything you do.”

“Thank-you for your work!!”

“Thanks so much, your site is so awesome.”

“Tx for the book.”

“So many incredible books on your site. So many.”

“You are amazing! Thank you for all you do!”

So yeah, this is a THANK YOU post to all those who have said thank you to me at some point and in some way.

I appreciate it more than you could know 🙂

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