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31 Planes of Existence


31 Planes of Existence By Ven. Suvanno Mahathera

Format: Free Scanned PDF

Pages (PDF): 89

Publication Date: 2001

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Book Description:

This short eBook examines the Buddhist concept of the 31 planes of existence, explaining what they are, including Kama Loka (the Sensual World), Rupa Loka (the Material World), and Arupa Loka (the Immaterial World). One of the main tenets in the Buddha’s Teachings is that all things happen due to a cause. In the context of birth and death, these two phenomena are actually one process. Death is followed by immediate rebirth in accordance with a law known as the Law of Causality. Death signals the end of a phase of kamma and at that point the beginning of the next phase of kamma gives immediate rebirth in another plane of existence as dictated by the quality of the kamma arising at that moment in time. I can do no better than to append herewith some pertinent writings by Anagarika Sugatananda (Francis Story) on the spirit world in introducing “The Thirty-One Planes of Existence” by Venerable Bhante Suvanno.

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