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A growing selection of free ebooks. Available in PDF, ePub and Kindle book formats. The ebooks can be read on any device, including Amazon Kindle, iBooks, Android, Kobo, Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia, Sony, Nook and many other digital devices and smartphones.

A Library of over 2,500 Free Public Domain ebooks

* With 87 categories, browse by author, recent books, popular books, book lists and book series.
* No registration required.
* New books are added almost every day.
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* Now with a selection of documentaries too.

Fairy Tales ebooks

A lovely selection of Fairy Tales including Andersen's Fairy Tales, Arabian Nights Entertainments, English Fairy and Other Folk Tales, Andrew Lang's fairy books and more.

Gnosticism And Hermetica ebooks

The Gnosticism And Hermetica section has almost 50 books including Collectanea Hermetica Volume I-VII, Euphrates, or, The Waters of the East, The Gnostics and Their Remains and more.

Best Ghost Cases Ever Caught on Tape

Global Grey now has a selection of documentaries including Best Ghost Cases Ever Caught on Tape. Ghosts - are they real or not...
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Scientology: The Ex-Files

Scientology: The Ex-Files. Scientology: The Ex-Files, a revealing look behind the curtain of the religious organization that has courted unprecedented...
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I originally started Global Grey as a hobby in 2012. It's been through many changes since then but the main aim has remained the same - to produce good quality ebooks on a wide range of subjects. To find out more about the site (and who I am), visit the About page →

If you find some interesting books, please consider making a small donation. Or, you could buy one of the USB ebook collections (free delivery, free updates and 2 bonus folders). Either option helps support the site and ensures that it keeps running.

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